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Research Designs III

Which design assumes human experience to be limited to logical and controlled realtionships between specific measurable variables? Quantitative designs
Which design describes human nature and how a person perceives his/her own experiences in a social context? Qualitative designs
A tradition in which a researcher tries to draw meaning from complex realities through analysis of first person narratives is called? phenomenology
The researcher studies attitudes beliefs and behaviors of a specific group by being immersed in the culture of the group. Uses direct observation. Ethnogrophy
The researcher develops a theory based on what is being observed. Inductive process as data is collected Grounded Theory
Concepts are confirmed using more than one data source, more than one researcher, and more than one collection method. Triangulation
What is the format of the case report? Theoretical/epidemiological bacjground, pt history, treatment based on diagnosis, outcomes & follow-up, discussion of unique characteristics, and propose further questions.
Created by: txst fall 2008