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Linguistics 139-144

not abriged; not made shorter; uncut; complete unabridged
not biased; no prejudiced in favor of or against; fair unbiased
lack of concern, anxiety, or interest; indifference; apathy unconcern
free from deception or mistaken ideas; set straight; disabuse undeceive
remove a gag from; release from censorship ungag
deprive of nerve or courage; cause to lose self-control; upset; enervate unnerve
not quenchable; not capable of being satisfied; insatiable; inextinguishable unquenchable
do the opposite of scramble; restore to intelligible form unscramble
release from a shackle (anything that confines the legs or arms); set free; liberate unshackle
not wary; not alert; heedless; rash unwary
shrubs, bushes, etc., growing beneath large trees in a wood; undergrowth underbrush
insufficiently developed because of a lack of capital and trained personnel for exploiting natural resources; backward; beforehand underdeveloped
(literally "lower than a graduate") a student in a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor's degree undergraduate
insufficient payment underpayment
insufficiently privileged; deprived through social or economic oppression of some fundamental rights supposed to belong to all; disadvantaged; deprived underprivileged
draw a line beneath; emphasized; stress underscore
sell at a lower price than undersell
person or persons who sign at the end of (literally, "under") a letter or document undersigned
a statement below the truth; a restrained statement in mocking contrast to what is being said understatement
one who "studies under: and learns the part of a regular preformer so as to be a substitute in necessary understudy
coming up; being in the near future; forthcoming; approaching upcoming
bring up to date; modernize; improve update
raise the grade or quality of; improve upgrade
violent heaving up; as of the earth's crust; commotion; violent disturbance; outcry upheaval
maintenance (keeping up); cost of operating and repairing upkeep
lift up; elevate; raise uplift
standing up straight on the feet; erect; honest; scrupulous upright
pull up by the roots; remove completely; eradicate; annihilate uproot
person who has suddenly risen to wealth and power, especially if he or she is conceited and unpleasant upstart
upward turn toward better conditions upturn
1) take or draw back or away; take out from a place of deposit; 2) leave; retreat withdraw
1) act of taking back or drawing out from a place of deposit; 2) retreat; exit; departure withdrawal
drawn back or removed from easy approach; socially detached; unresponsive; introverted withdrawn
hold back; keep from giving; restrain; curb withhold
sum withheld or deducted from wages for tax purposes withholding
stand up against; hold out; resist; endure withstand
(literally, "not standing against") in spite of; despite notwithstanding
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