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Linguistics 114-120

in or to a foreign land or lands abroad
travel back and forth daily, as from a home in the suburbs to a job in the city commute
person who commutes commuter
inhabitant; dweller; resident; occupant denizen
house; home; dwelling; residence; abode domicile
person confined in an institution, prison, hospital, etc inmate
1) move from one place to settle in another 2) move from one place to another with the change of season migrate
person born in a particular place native (n)
born or originating in a particular place native (adj)
member of a tribe that has no fixed abode but wanders from place to place; wanderer nomad
roaming from place to place; wandering, roving nomadic
temporary stay sojourn
refusal to obey authority; disposition to resist; state of opposition defiance
breaking of a law, regulation; violation; breach infraction
not submitting to authority; disobedient; mutinous; rebellious insubordinate
person who rises in revolt; rebel insurgent
uprising against established authority; rebellion; revolt insurrection
discontented person; rebel malcontent
obstinate (in opposing what is right or reasonable); willful; wayward perverse
speech, writing, or action seeking to overthrow the government; treason sedition
go beyond set limits of; violate, break, or overstep a command or law transgress
encroach on another's rights, privileges, property, etc. trespass
accept by keeping silent; submit quietly; comply acquiesce
loyalty; devotion; faithfulness; fidelity allegiance
yield to another out of respect, authority, or courtesy; submit politely defer
train in obedience; bring under control discipline
easily taught; obedient; tractable; submissive docile
submissive; yielding without resentment when ordered about or hurt by others; acquiescent meek
easily bent or influenced; yielding; adaptable pliable
yield to another's will, authority, or power, yield; surrender submit
easily controlled, led or taught, docile tractable
1) marked by long duration or frequent recurrence 2) having a characteristic, habit, disease, etc., for a long time; confirmed, habitual chronic
occurring at the same time; simultaneous; contemporary concurrent
waste time; loiter; idle dawdle
about to happen; threatening to occur soon; near at hand imminent
beginning to show itself; commencing; in an early stage; initial incipient
coming and going at intervals; stopping and beginning again; recurrent; periodic intermittent
1) lasting indefinitely; incessant; enduring; permanent; constant; perpetual; everlasting. 2) (of plants) continuing to live from year to year perennial
put off until later things that should be done now; defer; postpone procrastinate
draw out; lengthen in time; prolong; continue; extend protract
occurring occasionally or in scattered instances;isolated; infrequent sporadic
required by authority; obligatory compulsory
involve as a necessary consequence; impose; require entail
most necessary or significant part, aspect or feature; fundamental nature or core essence
uncalled for; unwarranted gratuitous
not to be avoided; urgent; necessary; obligatory; compulsory imperative
(with on or upon) imposed as a duty; obligatory incumbent
absolutely necessary; essential indispensable
make necessary; require; demand necessitate
compel; force; put under a duty or obligation oblige
make unnecessary; preclude obviate
something required beforehand prerequisite
requiring immediate attention; urgent pressing
more than what is enough or necessary; surplus; excessive; unnecessary superfluous
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