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unit 10

to grow or accumulate over time accrue
a critical or explanatory note or comment for literary work annotation
state or scene of uproar and confusion bedlam
hidden disguised purposefully kept secret sheltered secluded place covert
pleasant courteous lighthearted smooth polished in appearance debonair
demand insist payment of debt creditor dark dull drab dingy dun
effective producing results efficacious
calmness composure refusal to panic equanimity
accidental occurring by a happy chance fortuitous
the essential part main point or essence gist
freely given not called for circumstances unwarranted gratuitous
overbearing arrogant seeking to dominate pressing compelling imperious
a strong denunciation or condemnation abusive language abusive vituperative invective
showing great variety composed of different elements or many colors a jesters costume a jester motley
extremely generous lavish munificent
to delay put off until later procrastinate
tending to produce a strong feeling or response arousing desire or appetite irritating annoying provocative
exceeding ordinary knowledge and understanding recondite
a depraved vicious or unprincipled person scoundrel wicked corrupt disapprove of condemn reprobate
characterized by or calling for continued sitting remaining in one place sedentary
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