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Nail Care

Ch. 20 nails and manicuring

Keratin The nail is a translucent plate of
Lunula The structure at the base of the nail where the matrix and the connective tissue of the nail bed join
eponychium living skin at base of the nail plate
Nail folds The nail grooves on the side of the nail that allows the nail to move as it grows are formed by the
Mantle the deep fold of skin in which the nail root is embedded is called the
Onychosis Any disease or deformity of the nail is technically know as
Eggshell nails Thin white, fragile that break easily may be
Onychauxis The condition of abnormally thick nail is know as hypertrophy or
Ingrown nails Onychocryptosis is commonly known as
Nail Pterygium The condition in which the cuticle sticks to the nail and may grow over the nail to the free edge is called the
Nail mold Moisture seeping between an artificial nail and the free edge of the natural nail causes
Loosens or falls off Onychomadesis, onycholysis and onychoptosis are all conditions in which part or all of the nail
Pyogenic granuloma A lump of red tissue growing up from the nail bed to the nail plate is a symptom of
40 watt bulb The adjustable lamp on a manicuring table should have a
Orangewood stick An implement that can be used to loosen cuticle around the base of the nail or clean under the free edge is an
Discard it or give it to the client After you have used an emery board you should
Nail buffer To smooth out corrugations or ridges and add shine to the nail, use a
Dry nail polish A nail cosmetic used with a buffer to add shine to the nail is
Nylon fibers The nail strengthener that is applied vertically, then horizontally on the nail plate contains
Slim-line application The polish application in which a 1/16 in margin is left on each side of the nail plate is called a
Wipe the table with a disinfectant The first step in setting up a manicure table is to
Square nail shape The nail shape which is completely straight across with no rounding at the edges is the
Corner to the center When shaping the nail with an emery board or nail files, file the nail from the
20 volume hydrogen peroxide Yellowed nails can be bleached with a prepared nail bleach or
onyx technical term for nail
nail bed lies under nail plate; nourished by blood vessels and merves
matrix imbedded under skin; where nail is formed; aka nail root
nail plate visible portion of the nail
cuticle crescent of dead tissue attached to nail plate around nail base
hyponychium layer of skin between the fingertip and free edge of nail
specialized ligaments fibrous bands that attach the nail bed and matrix to underlying bone
nail folds skin surrounding nail plate; nail grooves permit nail movement as it grows
bruised nails blood clot under nail plate caused by injury to nail bed
discolored nails caused by different conditions
eggshell nails thin, white nails with curved free edge
ridges line that run lengthwise down the nail
beau's lines ridges that run across the nail
hangnails cuticle splits around nail
leukonychia white spots
melanonychia darkening of nail
onychosis technical term for any deformity or disease of the nail
onychocryptosis ingrown nails
onychophagy bitten nails
onychorrhexis split or brittle nails
onychomycosis fungal infection
Plicatured nail folded nail; matrix injury
pincer/trumpet nail sharp curvature at free edge
onychomadesis nail separation from the nail bed
onycholysis nail loosens from nail bed
nail psoriasis pits/roughness on nail surface
pyrogenic granuloma severe nail inflammation
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