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What is the gland that is responds to a signal from the hypothalamus by producing many growth and sex hormones? Pituitary gland
What are the two glands that produce the stress hormones? Adrenal glands
The HPA axis stands for? Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis: a route followed by many kinds of hormones that trigger the changes of puberty and regulate stress, growth, sleep, appetite, and sexual excitement.
Males produce more estradiol (chief sex hormone)than females. True of False. False- females produce more which effects the size and shape of one's body.
What is a secular trend? It refers to the earlier and greater growth of children due to improved nutrition over the last 20 years.
What is a primary sex characteristic? the parts of the body that are directly involved in reproduction. Including the vagina, uterus, ovaries, testes, and penis.
What is a secondary sex characteristic? the physical traits that are not directly involved in reproduction - but indicate sexual maturity. (ex:man's beard and growing taller& womans breasts and wider hips)
What is the idea called when a new generation forgets what the previous generation learned about harmful drugs? Generation forgetting
What aspects of puberty are under direct hormonal control? Dozens of hormones affect hunger, sleep, moods, stress, sexual desires...At least 23 hormones regulate growth and maturation.
What psychological responses result from the physical changes of puberty? Sudden mood changes, rapid arousal of emotions, romantic passions, and sudden anger.
Nature and nurture combined enable young people to become parents. True or False? False: Sexual activity is influenced by culture and physiology.
What similarities occur between males and females during puberty? Growth spurts, muscle growth, and secondary sex characteristics and maturation of parts of their brains.
What are 3 reasons for nutritional deficiencies in adolescence? Poor diet decisions, distorted self perceptions, and depression.
Why is one's body image likely to be distorted in adolescence? Because of egocentrisim, influence of media, and negative input from peers.
What is adolescent egocentrism? adolescent thinkings' that lead young people to to focus on themselves and not others.
The idea that a teenager cannot be overcome or harmed by anything such as: unprotected sex, drug abuse, of highspeed driving are examples of what..? The Invincibility fable
What is imaginary audience? An adolescents belief that other people are always watching and taking notes on his/or her behaviors. Which makes teenagers very self conscious.
In Piaget's theory towards adolescence the idea of formal operation thought means? That their thinking is no longer limited by personal experiences: they now can consider more logical and abstract thoughts/ ideals .
What is a dual process model? The notion that two networks exist within the brain- one for emotional and one for analytical processing of stimuli.
An thought that arises from an emotion of hunch is considered a _______ thought. Intuitive.
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