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Orangle Module

Pharmacology Reverse Definitions

Pharmacology A biological science and academic discipline that deals with properties, uses, and action of drugs and chemicals in living beings
Synergism A combination of two drugs that causes an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects of each drug given alone
Inhalation Administration of drugs in gaseous or vapour form through the nose or mouth
Antidote Agent given to counteract an unwanted effect of a drug
Stimulant Agent that excites and promotes activity
Antihypertensive Agent that lowers blood pressure
Hypnotic Agent that produces sleep
Antinauseant Agent that relieves nausea
Latrogenic An effect that is produced as an individual sensitivity to a drug
Side Effect An effect that routinely results from the use of a drug
Parental By injection or intravenous administration
Bet-a-Blocker Cardiac drug that blocks the action of epinephrine
Caffeine Central nervous system stimulant
Amphetamine Central nervous system stimulant
Antibiotic Chemical substance that inhibits or kills foreign organisms
Systemic Circulating substance that inhibits or kills foreign organisms
Brand name Commercial name for a drug; trade name
Tolerance Drug action in which larger and larger doses must be given to achieve the desired effect
Antihistamine Drug that blocks the action of natural histamines in the body and relieves allergy symptoms
Diuretic Drug that increases the production of urine
Antidepressant Drug that is used to relieve symptoms of depression
Anticoagulant Drug that prevents blood clotting
Anticonvulsant Drug that prevents convulsions
Cardiotonic Drug that promotes the force and efficiency of the heart
Emetic Drug that promotes vomiting
Laxative Drug that mild constipation
Tranquilizer Drug used to control anxiety
Antidiarrheal Drug used to prevent diarrhea
Anti diabetic Drug used to treat diabetes mellitus
Anti-arrhythmic Dug which helps restore heart rhythm to a regular cycle
Antiacid Drug which neutralizes acid in the stomach
Anesthetic Drug which reduces or eliminates sensation
Antianginal Drug which reduces or eliminates sensation
Analgesic Drug which pain
Topical Drugs applied on the skin or mucous membrane