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Unit 2 lesson 4

Emperor's Silent Army: Weeks 10-12

TermDefinitionPart of Speech
infantry Soldiers that fight on foot Noun
strewn To be scattered or sprinkled across Verb
vanguard The front part of an army; the leaders of an intellectual movement Noun
mercury A silver-white, poisonous metal Noun
tunics Gownlike outer clothing like coats or skirts; worn by ancient warriors Noun
artisans A person skilled in an applied art; craftsperson Noun
tyrant Any person who exercises authority in a tyrannical manner Noun
descendants A person or animal that is descended from a specific ancestor Noun
inlaid set into the surface in a decorative design Adjective
prolong To make longer; especially in time; extend Verb
unified brought or joined together Verb
replicas scale models of something Noun
restored brought back to former or original condition Verb
immorality unending existence; lasting fame Noun
dignified having or showing self-respect and self-control; confident and calm adjective
quest a search or pursuit Noun
fortification something that strengthens, such as a wall or embankment Noun
currency The money used in another country Noun
temperaments characteristics or inclinations or modes of emotional response noun
strategically Done in a strategic way Adverb
Created by: Isakson