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LPA Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz

What is the name of the red nosed Reindeer? Rudolph
How many reindeer does Santa have? nine
On the 5th day of Christmas my true love sent to me 5 what? Gold rings
Along with gold and Frankincense, what gift did the wise men bring? Myrrh
According to the song, what are roasting on an open fire? Chestnuts
Who dueted with Bing Crosby on the 1977 hit ‘little drummer boy’? David Bowie
Who starred as Elf in the hit Christmas film? Will Ferrell
What is the name of the period leading up to Christmas? Advent
How many reindeer names begin with the letter D? Three
How many Lords-a-leaping are there in 'The 12 Days of Christmas'? Ten
Which alcoholic ingredient is used in a Snowball cocktail? Advocaat
At which of her homes does the Queen traditionally spend Christmas? Sandringham
In the Christmas carol, which town is known as Royal David's City? Bethleham
Which of Santa's reindeer shares its name with a mythical god of love? Cupid
'Piggies in Blankets' is chipolata sausages wrapped in what? Bacon
What Christmas item takes its name from the old French word estincelle, meaning spark? Tinsel
What are you eating if you are enjoying 'March Bread’ Marzipan
What was the surname of Scrooge's dead business partner in A Christmas Carol? Marley
What is the name of Aladdin’s mother? Widow Twanky
Which act besides the Beatles is the only other act to have three consecutive Christmas number one singles? Spice Girls
Which Christmas plant takes its name from the first US Minister to Mexico? Poinsettia
What colour are the berries of the mistletoe plant? White
Created by: Jgilbertlpa
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