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Exam 1 review

Organizational Mgmt

These goals have the longest time orientation (5-7 years) strategic goals
This is a target or end that an organization desires to meet goal
This box in the BCG matrix represents products that have a high market share and high market growth star
The BCG Matrix consists of: stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs
SMART goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound
This is a team that works online, often across different nations virtual team
This conflict style involves failing to acknowledge a problem exists avoidance
Teams are different than groups because__________. teams have performance goals or ends they need to meet
When someone on your team works less hard in a group then he/she would on his/her own, this is known as ___________. social loafing
These are the stages of a team forming, storming, norming and performing
This leader has the power to punish. He/she is using _________ power coercive
This set of theories looks at personal characteristics of leaders trait approach
This leadership approach suggests that “leaders are made” and focuses on particular actions of leaders. behaviors approach
___________ power refers to leaders are well-liked. Followers want to be like them Referent
This is a leader who motivates people to transcend their personal interests for the good of the group Transformational
This type of reinforcement involves behaving a certain way to avoid a negative consequence. negative
This type of reinforcement involves administering a negative consequence after an undesirable behavior has occurred punishment
A clean workplace, receiving pay for work, and a safe workplace are considered ______ factors because employees are not motivated by them. They are only dissatisfied with their absence hygiene factor
If our team practices hard, we will win the national championship.” This is a _______to________ expectancy effort to performance
This theory is concerned with being “fair.” Employees compare their input/output ratio to their coworkers to determine how motivated they are. Equity Theory
Created by: tcriswell
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