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Vocabulary unit 8

Sadlier-Oxford Vocab Workshop Level C

abut to join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up
attire clothes, apparel, garb; to dress, adorn, or bedeck
avail to be of use or benefit to; to make use of; to take advantage
crony a very close friend, pal, chum, buddy
cryptic puzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic
divergent going in different directions; different from each other; departing from convention, deviant
enmity hatred, ill-will
fervent very earnest, emotional, passionate; extremely hot
gaunt thin and bony, starved looking; bare, barren
infiltrate to pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily
nullify to make of no value or consequence, cancel, wipe out
perceptible capable of being grasped by the senses or mind
plummet to plunge straight down; a weight fastened to a line
proclaim to declare publicly or officially
proxy an agent, substitute; a written permission allowing on person to act in another's place
rankle to cause anger, irritation, or bitterness ( with the suggestion that the pain grows wore with time)
scavenger a person who collects or removes usable items from waste materials; an animal that feeds on refuse or dead bodies
stint to limit, be sparing or frugal; a limit or restriction; a fixed share of work or duty; a period of activity
stoical self-controlled, mot showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain
unflagging tireless, continuing with vigor
Created by: banna1120