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Heat and Energy

Heat and Energy Review

Conduction is the transfer of energy through... Touching
Radiation is the transfer of energy in the form of Waves
Winds are examples of ____ Currents. Convection
Shiny and light colored object ___ Radiant Energy. Reflect
Energy in the form of motion is ___ Energy. Kinetic
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, Energy is not ____ or ____ Created, Destroyed.
Energy is not ____ or ____ according to the ____ Law of Conservation of Energy
A rock at the edge of a cliff has ____ energy because of its position. Gravitational Potential
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, Energy is not created or destroyed, it can _____ Change Form
Energy stored in the food you eat is _____ Energy Chemical
The energy of motion is called Kinetic Energy
When an object becomes warmer, its ____ Increases. Thermal
The energy stored in gasoline is ___ Energy Chemical (Potential)
The total of all KE and PE in an object is its __ Energy Thermal
Walking converts____ energy into mechanical energy. Chemical
Heat is the transfer of thermal energy from 1 object to another due to differences in ___ Temperature
Thermal Energy moves from a ___ Temp to a ___ temp. High, Low
What property of an object is related to the average kinetic energy of the particles in that object? Temperature
Temperature is a measure of the ... Average Kinetic Energy of an object.
Energy from the sun reaches the earth mainly be..... Radiation
Matter is needed for which 2 forms of heat transfer? Conduction and Convection
If an object is a GOOD conductor, it will be a ____ Insulator Bad (poor)
The transfer of heat that does NOT require matter be present is ___ Radiation
Convection takes place best in what types of matter? Liquids and Gases
In convection, Hot object are ____ dense and _____ Less, Rise
In convection, Cold object are ____ dense and _____ More, Sinks
Energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the Law of... Conservation of energy
Liquids and gases are different that solids because they ... Flow (Are Fluids)
When you move your hand or foot,your body has converted potential energy into __- Energy Kinetic
Thermal energy of a tanning bed is transferred to a person through which form of heat? Radiation (BUT DON'T DO THIS!)
Thermal energy of a fire place transfers heat to your family room by... Radiation
Baseboard heating in your house transfers heat to your room through which form of energy? Convection
Thermal energy of an iron transfers energy to your clothes by which form of heat transfer? Conduction
Transfer of heat from the pot on your stove to the pots handle is an example of what type of heat transfer? Conduction
Why do many pots and pans have a handle that is NOT made of metal? To insulate (Not transfer heat)
Why is most cookware made of metal? Good conductor of heat
What is the purpose of an insulator? To keep heat in (Not cold out)
What happens to the particles of air heated during convection? They expand, become less dense and rise.
The energy transfer through TOUCHING is ____ Conduction
For something to be heated, the suns radiation must be ____ and changed to heat. Absorbed
Dark and dull things ____ Radiation Absorb
Heat rises above a toaster when making toast due to ___ Convection
Your hands are warmed over a fire by which form of heat transfer? Radiation/Convection
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