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Vocab 4-6

idiosyncracy a peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify
hallow to set apart as holy or sacred; sanctify, consecrate, to honor greatly, to revere
garner to acquire as the result of effort; gather and store away as for future use
fiat an arbitrary order or decree; a command or act of will or consciousness
fecund fruitful in offspring or vegetation; intellectually productive
esoteric intended for or understood by only a select few, private secret
ignominy shame and disgrace
mundane earthly, worldly, relating to practical and material affairs
nuance a subtle or slight variation
overweening conceited, presumptuous, excessive, immoderate
penchant a strong attraction or inclination
reputed according to reputation or general belief, having widespread acceptance and good reputation
sophistry reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound; a fallacy
sumptuous costly, rich, magnificent
ubiquitous present or existing everywhere
atrophy the wasting away of a body organ or tissue; any progressive decline or failure; to waste away
bastion a fortified place, stronghold
concord a state of agreement, harmony, unanimity, a treaty, pact, covenant
consummate complete or perfect in the highest degree to bring to a state of completion or perfection
disarray disorder, confusion, to throw into disorder
exigency urgency, pressure, urgent demand, pressing need; an emergency
flotsam floating debris, homeless, impoverished people
frenetic frenzied, highly agitated
glean to gather bit by bit, to gather small quantities of grain left in a field by the reapers
grouse a game bird, to complain
incarcerate to imprison, confine, jail
incumbent obligatory, required, one who holds a specific office at the time spoken of
jocular joking, jolly, jesting
ludicrous ridiculous, laughable, absurd
mordant biting or caustic in thought, manner or style; sharply or bitterly harsh
nettle a prickly or stinging plant; to arouse displeasure, impatience or anger; to vex or irritate severely
pecuniary consisting of or measured in money, of or related to money
pusillanimous contemptibly cowardly or mean spirited
recumbent in a reclining position, lying down in the posture of one sleeping or resting
stratagem a scheme to outwit or deceive an opponent or to gain an end
abject degraded, base, contemptible, cringing, servile; complete and unrelieved
agnostic one who believes that nothing can be known about God; skeptic, w/out faith, skeptical
complicity involvement in wrongdoing; the sate of being an accomplice
derelict someone or something that is abandoned or neglected; left abandoned
diatribe a bitter and prolonged verbal attack
effigy a crude image of a despised person
equity the state or quality just, fair or impartial; fair and equal treatment; something that is fair; the money value of a property
travesty a grotesque or grossly inferior imitation; a disguise, especially the clothing of the opposite sex
inane silly, empty of meaning or value
indictment the act of accusing; a formal accusation
indubitable certain, not to be doubted or denied
intermittent stopping and beginning again, sporadic
moot open to discussion, and debate, unresolved, to bring up for discussion, a hypothetical law case argued by students
motif a principal idea, feature, theme or element; a repeated or dominant figure in a design
neophyte a new convert, beginner, novice
perspicacity keenness in observing and understanding
plenary complete in all aspects or essentials; absolute; attended by all qualified members
surveillance a watch kept over a person; careful, close and disciplined observation
sylvan pertaining to or characteristic of forests; living or located in a forest
testy easily irritated; characterized by impatience and exasperation
acuity sharpness of the mind or senses
delineate to portray, sketch or describe in accurate and vivid detail, to represent pictorially
enervate to weaken or lessen the moral or physical vigor of, enfeeble, hamstring
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