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Horse Breeds Lvl. 3

For a lot of people this might be hard -- don't say i didn't warn you!!!

Known for its extremely soft gaits, amazing endurance, and stunning metallic sheen; sparse of mane and tail; originates in Turkmenistan Akhal-Teke
Small (10-12 hands) breed; legendary horse rediscovered in 1965 in Iran near the southern end of the ------- Sea (wouldn't want to give it away!) Caspian
Known for its amazing endurance; originates in Utah; was for a while a breed only owned by those of the Mormon faith; some are known to be "horned" Moyle
Remarkable for its dramatically hooked ears; extremely rare horse originating in India; part of many Indian traditions Marwari
Smooth-gaited horse; well suited for showing; originates in Tennessee Tennessee Walking Horse
Breed originating in german province south of Hannover (for which it is named); known for its powerful gaits and willingness to be directed the rider; well suited for dressage and show jumping; spelled two different ways Westphalian
Originates in Norway; small size and comfortable gaits; capable of surviving harsh low temperatures; often used for driving; always dun Fjord
Beautiful horse unique for the rippling effect of its mane and coat; originates in the western United States American Curly Horse
Only 8 members of this breed are surviving; named for the Bahamas island on which they live Abaco Barb
Horse originating in southwestern Utah; removed from their home in ------- Springs by the BLM in the '80s; many members of the breed are dun or buckskin Sulphur Horse
Created by: horselover92
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