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barber written PA

Pennsylvania barber board written test bsp

Repetition, word association and mnemonics are useful for Strengthening your memory
In the Middle Ages the tonsure was worn mostly by Preist
The Barber-surgeon who is considered the greatest surgeon of the renaissance and the father of modern surgery Ambrosia Pare
Barbering began to emerge as an independent profession by The nineteenth century
In the late 1800's members of employee organizations were called Journeymen Barbers
A.B. Moler is important in the history of barbering because He published the first barbering textbook
The National Education Council was established in 1925 to standardize barber Training
The deepest feelings and thoughts you have about yourself and life are your Values
The applied science of healthful living is called Hygene
Improved circulation and organ function are two benefits of Exercise
Using appropriate footwear, positioning your hands and arms in a particular way and not bending or twisting your body are all examples of Ergonomically correct practices
To establish good human relations in the barbershop, is important to Greet clients by name
The best way to ascertain your client's expectations of a service is to Organize your thoughts, clarify the client's wishes and repeat them back
The best form of advertising is Clients speaking well of you (Word of mouth)
Intrinsic motivation comes from The individual
Elements of effective goal setting do not include Discarding a goal if it is not immediately successful (keep trying)
To manage your time efficiently Take time out to re-energize
A type of bacteria that live on dead matter and do not cause disease are Saprocytes
Short, rod shaped bacteria are called Bacilli
Bacilli cause Turberculosis
Spirilla Syphilis
The cocci bacteria that cause abscesses, pustules, pimples and boils are Staphylocci
When bloodstream carries bacteria and their toxins to all parts of the body, the result is called General infection
A contagious disease is Transmitted from one person (host) to another
A barber should not service a client(s) with Ringworm (Tinea)
When pathogens and their products are absorbed into the bloodstream, the result is a poisoned state called Sepsis
Ringworm (tinea) is caused by a Fungus
Scabies is caused by An animal parasite
Stage 1 of HIV infection is characterized by No physical symptoms
Th body system specifically defends against infection is the Immune system
Sanitation is defined as The significant reduction of the number of pathogens on a surface
For optimal level of disinfection, the best choice would be A hospital grade disinfectant
Shears or razors can be disinfected with 99% isopropyl alcohol
When salt is dissolved into water, the salt becomes the Solute
99% isopropyl alcohol Is not an EPA registered disinfectant
Towels and other linens should be sanitized after being used by means of Washing in hot water with detergent and bleach
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contains Ingredients, hazards and other product information
A professional product is Sold only to licensed industry professionals
After tools are sanitized, they should be stored in A clean, closed container
Headrest covers and neck strips must be changed For each client
Barbershops offering chemical and or nail services must invest in Air filtration systems
When washing an older client's hair in a shampoo sink, the clients neck must be cushioned with A folded towel
The process of destroying all living organisms on an object or surface is called Sterlization
An example of a common antiseptic is Hydrogen Perioxide
To prepare a 1:1000 quat solution, a mixture of 1 gallon of water is mixed with 11/4 ounce of quat solute
The German type of hair shear does not have A finger rest/brace
When the hair being combed or parted into sections, shears are held In the palm of the hand
Magnetic hair clippers Use a spring and magnet mechanism to produce the cutting action
For outlining, arching and design work, the best tool is A trimmer
Clipper or trimmer blades should never be adjusted flush to each other because doing so can Cause irritation, cuts and ingrown hairs
A properly tempered razor has the required Degree of hardness
Most razor strops are composed of two sides, one leather and the other made of Canvas
The Russian style of razor strop is usually Tanned in the Russian method
A honed razor is tested for burs by lightly passing it over A moistened thumbnail
An electrical appliance that produces a high rate of oscillation within a glass electrode, for use in facial and scalp treatments is called A high frequency machine
examples of connective tissues are Bones and ligaments
The scientific study of bones, their structures and functions is called Osteology
The connection between two or more skeletal bones is called a/an Joint
The bones that form the sides and top of the cranium are the Parietal bones
The sides of the head in the ear region are formed by the two Temporal bones
An involuntary muscle that appears in only one place in the body is Cardiac muscle
The muscle that surrounds the lower part of the lip is the depressor labii inferioris
The muscles sometimes called "chewing muscles" are the Masseter and the temporalis
Nerves may be stimulated by; light rays, chemicals such as certain salts, acids and also Massage, heat rays and moist heat
The Atria are the Upper chambers of the heart
The blood circulation system that goes from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart is called Pulmonary cirulation
The percentage of the human body that is composed of water is 65%
For barbering procedures, the best type of water is Softened water
Alkalis have a pH of about 7.0 and Soften and swell the hair
Acids and alkalis mixed together in equal proportions will Neutralize eachother
Chemical reactions that give off heat are called Exothermic
A substance from which oxygen has been removed is called a Reduced substance
Substances that are miscible are Easily mixed together
Emulsions are held together by an emulsifying agent called a Surfactant
Depilatories remove superfluous or unwanted hair by Dissolving it at the skin line
Ammonia is a colorless gas composed of Hydrogen and nitrogen
Electricity Can produce chemical effects
Direct current or DC flows In one direction only
In electrotherapy, the anode is the positive + pole and is usually colored red
The polarity of an electric current indicates Its positive + (red) or negative - (black) pole
An alternating and interrupted current that produces a mechanical reaction with no chemical is called Faradic current
Healthy skin is Elastic
The appendages of the skin are called Nails
The outer layer of the epidermis is called the Stratum corneum
The deeper layer of the dermis is called the Reticular layer
The nerves that regulate the excretion of perspiration and the flow of sebum are called Secretory nerves
The color of skin depends on the amount of melanin and Blood supply
The nerves connected to the muscles that cause goose bumps are the Motor nerve fibers
the functions of the sweat glands include Eliminating waste products from the body
Certain chemical preparations can be absorbed into the skin through hair follicles and Sweat pores
The main functions of skin are excretion, secretion, absorption and Sensation
Lesions, discolorations and rashes that a barber may observe on a clients skin are examples of Symptoms
A papule is A primary skin lesion
Some secondary skin lesions are characterised by a collection of material on the skin
The hair that sometimes grows in/ moles None of the above
The hypertrophy know as verruca is caused by Virus
Excessive perspiration may cause a condition called Hyperhidrosis
Symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma include scaly red papules or nodules
The lower part of the hair root that covers the dermal papilla is the Hair bulb
The tiny muscle that causes "goose pimples" when it contracts is the Arrector pili
Liquids can penetrate the hair when swelling raises the Cuticle
In order to penetrate the hair and reach the cortex, oxidation tints and other chemical hair products must have An alkaline pH above 7.0
The cortex accounts for about 90% of the hairs weight
As the cells of the hair shaft mature, they fill up with Keratin
Amino acids are joined end to end by Peptide bonds
Amino acids are joined together by end bonds form a Polypeptide chain
When polypeptide bonds are broken, they Can never be formed again
The atoms of neighboring cysteine amino acids that are joined together by disulfide bonds are atoms of Sulfur
Eumelanin in the hair provides Brown and black colors
During the catagen phase The hair bulb disappears
The hair texture that is most likely to be damaged by chemical hair services is Fine hair
The hair's porosity measures It's ability to hold moisture
Androgenic alopecia occurs as a result of all the following except Autoimmune disorder
Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment that is Applied to the scalp
The head of a surfactant molecule attracts Water
The tail of a surfactant molecule repels Water
Surfactant means the same as Detergent
The surfactant made up almost entirely of quats are called Cationics
Shampoos containing special chemicals or drugs for the treatment dandruff are called Therapeutic medicated shampoos
One towel wrapped around the neck under the cape and one towel over the cape are required for Chemical services
In the barbershop, the inclined method of shampooing is used when A standard shampoo bowl is unavailable
Good posture at the shampoo bowl includes Holding your chin parallel to the floor
To perform an appropriate and effective shampoo, the barber must Read product labels, perform a hair and scalp analysis and follow the manufacturer's instructions
The time to consult with the client about products and any hair and scalp problem is During the client consultation
A tight scalp and overactive or underactive oil glands may be corrected with Scalp treatments
To relax the pores and increase blood circulation in the scalp, use a Scalp steamer
Products containing alcohol should be applied to the hair or scalp Only after high frequency treatments are completed
Corrective hair treatments deal with the Hair shaft
Factors that contribute to dandruff include Lack of hygiene
The surfactants made up almost entirely of quats are Cationics
Mineral buildup can be removed effectively by cleansing with Clarifying shampoo
Chemical compounds that absorb and promote retention of moisture in the hair are Humectants
Instant conditioners Have a lower pH than the hair
When hair is so badly damaged that normal protein conditioners cannot improve it, a product that may be effective is Synthetic polymer conditioner
Placing a towel or neck strip between the cape and the clients skin Prevents the cape from touching the clients skin. Maintains barbershop sanitation standards and is in compliance with barber board law
A shampoo may be unsatisfactory for a client for any of the following reasons except Brand name of the shampoo
Massage manipulations of the scalp should Consist of firm rotary movements
Scalp preparations for dry hair and scalp include Moisturizing and emollient agents
Manipulating an oily scalp is beneficial because it Releases hardened sebum form follicles
The frontalis is part of the Epicanius
The occipitalis and frontalis are connected by Aponeurosis
Stimulating the nerves causes the muscles to Expand and contract
Cranial nerves are all connected to a part of the Brain surface
The sense of smell is controlled by the Olfactory nerve
Mildly stimulating massage may be performed on Normal skin
When the head, face or neck is massaged, pressure should be applied In an upward direction
In tapotement, hackling movements are done with the Outer edges of the hands
In electrotherapy, the device used to apply current to the clients skin is called an Electrode
The effects of high frequency current are antiseptic and Thermal
In general electrification, the client holds A metal electrode
Anaphoresis is a process that involves A negative pole and an alkaline product
The best choice of tonic lotion for mature or sensitive skin is a Freshener
A paraffin wax mask is used with Treatment cream, eye pads and gauze
Cleansing cream should be removed from the clients face with A warm, damp towel
A client's total exposure to infrared rays should not last longer than Five minutes
In some states, barbers are required during a shave to use Protective gloves
If you cut or nick a client with a razor during a shave, pat the area dry and apply Styptic powder
The face is divided into 14 Shaving areas
If you have a client with an infection in the beard area, you should Not shave the client
A beard may be recommended to slim a Pear shaped face
The styling guidelines for an oblong face are to Add height to the top
A short neck may be balanced with a haircut that is Tapered
The temporal section is part of the Parietal ridge
The occipital bone is located At the base of the skull
Two diagonal lines crossed at the apex will point to the Four corners
Horizontal cutting lines are used to Create a one length look
Lifting a hair section about zero degrees or natural fall, results in Elevation
In men's haircutting the elevation most commonly used is 90 Degrees
Over direction occurs when the hair is combed Away from its natural fall position
Removing bulk from the hair is called Thinning
A technique that is especially useful creating tapered cuts is the Shear over comb technique
Tight curly hair is best cut With the grain
Crew cuts include a variation called the Brush cut
Feathering specific areas of the hair is best done A razor
The razor technique in which the razor follows the comb through the hair, followed by the comb is called Razor rotation
When the hair is thinned, all of the following should be avoided except Elevating the hair to be cut
Slithering is a thinning method performed with a Shears
On the scalp cornrows are a form of Braiding
The term toupee today means a Small hairpiece or wig worn on the top of the head
The best material choice for a hairpiece generally is Human hair
Synthetic hairpieces Mat and tangle when blended with other hair
Strips of material or thread to which hair is sewn for a hairpiece are called Wefts
In men's hairpiece sizes, the larger number usually refers to The length from front to back
Tapering and blending a hairpiece with the clients natural hair may be done with a razor or Shears
When applying a lace front hairpiece , attach two sided tape to The reinforced parts of the foundation only
Synthetic hairpieces should be cleaned with Shampoo solution
In a uniform layered cut the hair strands are cut The same length
When cutting uniform layers Establish and interior guide first
The texturizing technique that involves a sliding shear movement with the blades partially open is called Slithering
The first step in a blow drying procedure after the hair has been washed is to Insert a brush into a section
Thermal hair straightening is done with Pressing combs
The hair that is wrapped around the barrel of a curling iron is called the Curl
The hair press that removes 60-75% of the curl is called a Medium press
Thio relaxers are neutralized by Chemical neutralization
The rodding technique in which the size of the curl increases as it nears the scalp is called Croquignole rodding
Ammonia-free waves are characterized by all the following except Rapid evaporation
The primary reducing agent in thio-free waves is either mercaptamine or Cysteamine
Permanent waving products of mild strength are recommended for Tinted hair
Frizzy permed hair that cannot be combed into suitable wave pattern has been Overprocessed
The best shampoo for freshly permed hair is Acid-balanced shampoo
Before dry, brittle, damaged or over-porous hair is given a permanent wave, it should be Reconditioned
No-base relaxers Contain a base cream
White hair does not contain either type of melanin and it the color of Keratin
The human eye sees only Six basic colors
Mixing equal amounts of a primary color with one of its adjacent secondary colors yields A Tertiary color
Manufacturer's color swatches or a color ring are use to identify The hair's natural level
Among the haircolor categories, the one with the largest molecules is Temporary haircolor
The haircolor that does not require a patch test before application is Temporary haircolor
Semi-permanent haircolor may be used as A non-peroxide toner on pre-lightened hair
The haircolor product that enters the cortex and forms tint molecules that are permanently trapped are Permanent haircolors
Permanent haircolor mixed with equal parts of 20 volume peroxide is capable of lifting the color One to two levels
Before application, oxidation tints must be mixed with Hydrogen-peroxide
A color change occurs in the hair when an oxidizer combines with the Melanin
Hydrogen-peroxide used with most high-lift color to provide maximum lift in one step is 40 volume
Oil-lighteners are The mildest form of lighteners
Tint stains may be removed from the skin with any of the following except Alcohol
A patch test is given to a client to determine A possible sensitivity to aniline derivatives
Information about haircoloring service should be included on the Client record card
In a virgin haircolor application Haircolor is applied to the entire hair strand
The process that lightens and colors the hair in a single application is called Single process haircoloring
The process in which the hair lightened (lifted) before the depositing color is applied is called Double process haircoloring
When tinting very porous hair darker, choose a level 1-2 levels lighter than desired
The first step in the removal of metallic dye from the hair is the application of 70% alcohol
Mustaches and beards should never be colored with Aniline derivative tints
The replacement of a nail that is accidently torn off or lost to disease depends on the condition of the Matrix
The condition in which the cuticle sticks to the nail and may grow over the nail to the free edge is called Pterygium
The adjustable lamp on a manicuring table should have a 40W bulb
A nil cosmetic used with a buffer to add shine to the nail is a Dry ail polish
The first polish applied in a nail polish procedure is the Base coat
The nail shape that is completely straight across with no The rounding at the edges is the Square nail
Overhead is the term used for Operating expenses
In a sole proprietorship business The owner receives all the profits
A business does not qualify as an established barbershop if It was in existence for less than a few years
To obtain financing and provide a blueprint for future growth, potential business owner must have a Business plan
Federal Laws govern Unemployment insurance
Sales taxes are covered by State Law
For advertising to be effective, it should be Repeated
Factors that may contribute to business failure include all of the following except Well trained personnel
The person who handles booking appointments over the phone should be Familiar with all products a and services
According to current trends, barbers must be prepared to Meet a variety of male preferences
You can enhance your résumé by Joining a trade organization, participating in student competitions serving as a teacher's aide
As a professional barber, it is estimated that about 80% of your success will depend on your Communication and people skills
Before and after photographs of your best work should be presented to potential employers in a Portfolio
At a job interview, be sure to Answer any questions honestly
The primary objective of the barber license law is to protect the State board members
State barber board members are appointed by The Governor
Suspended or revoked licenses must be Surrendered to the state barber board
A barber apprentice in the barbershop must be under the constant supervision of a Licensed barber
The branches of the fifth cranial nerve affected by massage include the supraorbital nerve, zygomatic nerve and Infraorbital nerve
The heart, arteries, capillaries and veins comprise the Blood-Vascular system
The blood circulation system that goes from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart is called the Pulmonary circulatory system
The fluid that exchanges its nutritive materials to the cells in return for their waste products is called the Lymph (lymphatic) system
Inorganic substances include Minerals
A substance that cannot be chemically separated into simpler substances is called An element
Physical properties include Melting and boiling points
An example of a pure substance is Aluminum foil
An example of a physical mixture is Concrete
The water used in the manufacture of cosmetics is processed by Distillation (distilling)
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