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basic Italian vocab

vocab from Duolingo

ABITARE (verb 1st congj) To live, to reside
ARRIVARE (verb 1st congj) To arrive
CENARE (verb 1st congj) To have supper
CHIAMARE (verb 1st congj) To call
COMPRARE (verb 1st congj) To buy
DOMANDARE (verb 1st congj) To ask
ENTRARE (verb 1st congj) To enter
GUARDARE (verb 1st congj) To look at
LOVORARE (verb 1st congj) To work
MANDARE (verb 1st congj) To send
MANGIARE (verb 1st congj) To eat
CHIEDERE (verb 2nd congj) To ask
CREDERE (verb 2nd congj) To believe
DECIDERE (verb 2nd congj) To decide
LEGGERE (verb 2nd congj) To read
METTERE (verb 2nd congj) To put
PRENDERE (verb 2nd congj) To take
RISPONDERE (verb 2nd congj) To respond
SCRIVERE (verb 2nd congj) To write
VEDERE (verb 2nd congj) To see
VIVERE (verb 2nd congj) To live
AIUTARE (verb 1st congj) To help
AMARE (verb 1st congj) To love
ASCOLTARE (verb 1st congj) To listen (to)
ASPETTARE (verb 1st congj) To wait
BACIARE (verb 1st congj) To kiss
BALLARE (verb 1st congj) To dance
CAMBIARE (verb 1st congj) To change
CAMMINARE (verb 1st congj) To walk
CANTARE (verb 1st congj) To sing
CERCARE (verb 1st congj) To seek, to look for
DESIDERARE (verb 1st congj) to wish, to desire
IMPARARE (verb 1st congj) To learn
INCONTRARE (verb 1st congj) To meet
INSEGNARE (verb 1st congj) To teach
LAVARE (verb 1st congj) To wash
PAGARE (verb 1st congj) To pay
SALUTARE (verb 1st congj) To greet
STUDIARE (verb 1st congj) To study
VISITARE (verb 1st congj) To visit
ASCENDERE (verb 2nd congj) To light, to turn on
BATTERE (verb 2nd congj) To hit, to beat, to knock
CHIUDERE (verb 2nd congj) To close
COMPRENDERE (verb 2nd congj) To understand
CONOSCERE (verb 2nd congj) To know
CORRERE (verb 2nd congj) To run
DIVIDERE (verb 2nd congj) To divide
GODERE (verb 2nd congj) To enjoy
PERDERE (verb 2nd congj) To lose
PROMETTERE (verb 2nd congj) To promise
PROTEGGERE (verb 2nd congj) To protect
RICEVERE (verb 2nd congi) To receive
RIPETERE (verb 2nd congj) To repeat
ROMPERE (verb 2nd congj) To break
SCENDERE (verb 2nd congj) To descend
SCRIVERE (verb 2nd congj) To write
SPENDERE (verb 2nd congj) To spend
TEMERE (verb 2nd congj) To fear
VEDERE (verb 2nd congj) To see
VINCERE (verb 2nd congj) To win
SENTIRE (verb 3rd congj) To feel, to hear, to listen to, to smell
APRIRE (verb 3rd congj) To open
BOLLIRE (verb 3rd congj) To boil
COPRIRE (verb 3rd congj) To cover
DORMIRE (verb 3rd congj) To sleep
FUGGIRE (verb 3rd congj) To flee
OFFRIRE (verb 3rd congj) To offer
PARTIRE (verb 3rd congj) To depart, to leave
SCOPRIRE (verb 3rd congj) To discover
SERVIRE (verb 3rd congi) To serve
SOFFRIRE (verb 3rd congj) To suffer
VESTIRE (verb 3rd congj) To dress
CAPIRE (verb 3rd congj - isc all sing & 3rd per plural To understand
ARDIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To dare to
COSTRUIRE (verb 3rd congj isc) To build
DISOBBEDIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To disobey
FORNIRE (verb erd congj isc To furnish
GUARIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To heal
OBBEDIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To obey
PREFERIRE (verb 3rd congi isc To prefer
PROIBIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To forbid
PULIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To clean
PUNIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To punish
SPEDIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To send, to mail
SUGGERIRE (verb 3rd congj isc To suggest
io parlo tu parli Lei parla Lui parla Lei parla Noi parliamo Voi parlate Loro parlano Present Indicative 1st Conjugation
Io vendo tu vendi Lei vende Lui vende Lei vende Noi vendiamo Voi vendete Loro vendono Present indicative 2nd Conjugation
io sento tu senti Lei sente Lui sente Lei sente Noi sentiamo Voi sentite Loro sentono Present indicative 3rd Conjugation -ire verbs
Io capisco tu capisci Lei capisce Lul capisce Lei capisce Noi capiamo Voi capite Loro capiscono Present indicative 3rd Conjugation isc verbs
IL / I Definite Article, masculine, sing/plural, before consonant
LO / GLI Definite Article, masculine , sing/plural before vowel
LA / LE Definite Article, feminine, sing/plural
il padre the father
la madre the mother
il cane the dog
il leone the lion
il caffe the coffe
l'arte the art
la stazione the station
l'estate the summer
l'automobile the automobile
l'esame the examination
la crisi the crisis
la tesi the thesis
il brindisi the toast
la manol' the hand
l'eco the echo
la radio the radio
la dinamo the dynamo
la moto the motorcycle
la mela le mele the apple the apples
l'uomo gli uomini the man, the men
l'uovo, le uova the egg, the eggs
il cuoco, i cuochi the cook, the cooks
il mio Possessive pronoun masculine singular 1st person sing - my
I miei Possessive pronoun masculine, plural, 1st person sing - my
la mia Possessive pronoun feminine, singular 1st person sing -my
le mie Possessive pronoun feminine, plural 1st person sing - my
il tuo Possessive pronoun masculine, singular 2nd person sing - your
la tua Possessive pronoun, feminine, singular, 2nd person sing -your
i tuoi Possessive pronoun masculine plural 2nd person sing - your
le tue Possessive pronoun feminine plural 2nd person sing - your
Il Suo Possessive pronoun masculine singular 2nd pers. sing formal - your
la Sua Possessive pronoun feminine singular 2nd pers sing formal your
I Suoi Possessive pronoun masculine plural 2nd pers sing formal - your
le Sue Possessive pronoun femine plural 2nd pers sing formal - your
il suo Possessive pronoun masculine singular 3rd person sing - his/her
la sua Possessive pronoun feminine singular 3rd person sing his/her
il nostro Possessive pronoun masc sing 1st pers plural our
la nostra Possessive pronoun fem sing 1st per plural our
i nostri Possessive pronoun masc plural 1st pers plural our
le nostre Possessive pronoun fem plural 1st pers plural our
il vostro Possessive pronoun masc sing 2nd pers plural your
la vostra Possessive pronoun fem sing 2nd pers plural your
i vostri Possessive pronoun masc plural 2nd pers plural your
le vostre Possessive pronoun fem plural 2nd pers plural your
il loro Possessive pronoun masc sing 3rd pers sing their
la loro Possessive pronoun fem sing 3rd pers sing their
i loro Possessive pronoun masc plural 3rd pers plural their
le loro Possessive pronoun fem plural 3rd pers plural theri
il Loro Possessive pronoun masc sing 2nd person plural formal your
la Loro Possessive pronoun fem sing 2nd person plural formal your
i Loro Possessive pronoun masc plural 2nd person plural formal your
le Loro Possessive pronoun fem plural 2nd person plural formal your
lunedi Monday
martedi Tuesday
mercoledi Wednesday
giovedi Thursday
venerdi Friday
sabato Saturday
domenica Sunday
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