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Debate Terms

List of words and definitions for the debate

Affirmative The side which is arguing for a change in the current condition
Burden of Proof This responsibility is completely on the side of the affirmative only and
Rhetorical Question A technique for getting the listener’s attention by forcing him/her think about an issue or topic
Plan Proposed by the affirmative, this contains specific details which will change and imrove the current situation
Negative The side which supports the current situation
Quotation Repeating the words of an expert or famous person to help support
Debate A regulated discussion of an issue by two matched sides
Case The list of arguments and evidence presented by each side
Rebuttal A short speech given by both sides to help defend their positions
Status Quo The Latin name for the current condition, or the way things are right now.
Resolution The agreed upon topic for discussion or debate
Statistic A fact using numbers, percent, fractions, ratios in order to show a numerical relationship
Anecdote A technique often used in introductions & conclusions which tells a story
Refute To disprove your opposition’s argument
Counterplan A suggestion for improving the current situation, but not altering it
Implement A word which means “to put into effect”
Attribution Giving credit to a source of information in a report
Fact Information which can be proven or verified
Created by: Sharon Smolen
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