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Ed. Psych Ch.6

Observational Learning and Cognitive Behavior Modification

Theory emphasizing learning through observation of others Social Learning Theory
Theory that adds concern with cognitive factors such as beliefs, self-perceptions, and expectations to social learning theory. Social Cognitive Theory
In order to learn through observation, you must always be paying_________ Attention
Element of observational learning in which you are remembering the behavior of the model. Retention
Element of observational learning in which you are performing the behavior of the model. Production
Being rewarded/punished for a certain behavior Reinforcement
A driving force that makes a person strive to achieve something Motivation
As we get older, we develop the ability to pay attention longer, increased capacity to process information, use strategies, and adopt intrinsic motiators. What is this referring to? Developmental Status
Consequences to models convey information about behavioral appropriateness and likely outcomes of actions. Valued consequences motivate observers. This is referred to as _______consequences Vicarious
Sarah completed her homework before 7 in order to watch her favorite TV show. Her brother, Tommy, noticed this and vowed he would start doing the same. Tommy is goal ______. Setting
"If they can do it, I can too." is an example of Self Efficacy
Nobody likes to play with Tickle me Elmo, but one day, Joe decides he wants to. Suddenly several other kids are noticing Joe playing with the Elmo doll and they want to, too. This is an example of _________ attention Directing
Changes in bahavior, thinking, or emotions that occur through observing another person Modeling
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