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forensics ch. 8

agglutination clumping of molecules or cells caused by an antigen-antibody reaction
antibodies proteins secreted by white blood cells that attach to antigens
antigen-antibody response a reaction in which antibodies attach to antigens
antigens any foreign substances or cell in the body that reacts with antibodies
cell-surface proteins proteins embedded in the cell membrane
lines of convergence two dimensional view of the intersection of lines formed by drawing a line through the main axis of at least 2 drops of blood that indicates the general area of the source of the blood splatter
point of origin three dimensional view formed using lines of convergence and angles of impact of at least 2 different drops of blood to identify the source and location of blood splatter.
red blood cells donut shaped cells that carry oxygen throughout the body
satellite drop of blood secondary drop formed when some blood breaks free from the main contact drop of blood
white blood cells cells that police the body by destroying foreign materials
Rh factor type of red blood cell protein found in 85% of the population found in 1940 by Alexander Weiner while working with Rhesus monkeys
High velocity blood splatter droplet size is less than 1 mm, velocity is 100 ft/sec and could come from a gunshot wound
Medium velocity blood splatter droplet size is between 1 and 4 mm, velocity is 25 ft/sec and could come from a beating or stabbing
Low velocity blood splatter droplet size is between 4-6 mm, velocity is 5 ft/sec and could come from a blunt object impact
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