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Bio-Chemical Warfare

N-B-C nuclear- biology- chemical
Bio Terrorism Potential for large # of victims Potential for panic Potential to mimic endemic infectious disease
-endemic -Always present -We can't get rid of it -Examples: Flu, Polio
Indicators of Bio Terrorism -unusual / not a naturally occurring dis. -larger # of cases -Point of source outbreak (can be traced to a specific area) -Aerosol route of infection (unless extremely virulent) -Limited geographical area -Low attack rate in person in filtered air
Routes of Infection -Aerosol -Percutaneous -Oral (contaminated food / water) -Inhalation (biggest potential for mass casualty)
What is Inhalation Anthrax -No annual occurrence, no known human to human transmission -incubation period 1-6 days or up to 45 days -Present: Fever, Malaise, Cough, Chest discomfort, Dyspnea and will continue to get worse -Tx: antibiotics
What is the Pulmonic Plaque -Incubation period 2-3 days -Droplet precautions -Present: High Fever, Chills, Hemoptysis, Toxemia, Shock, Strider, etc -Tx: antibiotic (streptomyocin)
What is Small Pox -incubation period 7-17 days -no natural occurrence -Droplet & airborne
What is Botulism -neuromuscular problem
Hyperbaric Medicine -the use of 100% oxygen under pressure -Hyper = Increased Baric= Pressure -Hyperbaric= Increased Pressure
UHMS -undersea hyperbaric medical society -international scientific organization
Monoplace Chamber -a single person chamber, compressed with 100% oxygen -There is a decompression process: has to be released gradually -If not done correctly, you could kill them
-Henry's Law (Solubility) -As you increase pressure, you increase the amount of molecular particles that can dissolve in the blood as a molecule.
-Effects of Hyperbaric medicine -increase neuro vascularization formation -reduces edema -enhanced fibroblast proliferation -enhanced collagen formation -increase endothelial nitric oxide synthase and production -enhanced polymorphonuclear cell fxn (destruct bacteria)
-Complications of HBO -confinement anxiety -Oxygen toxicity -Hypoglycemia- metabolism changes. Some patients may need to be given snacks -barotrauma (difference in inner ear pressure) -decompression illness -fire
Indications for HBOT -air gas embolism -decompression illness -Cmonoxide poisoning -severe blood loss -diabetic wounds -gas gangrene -compromised skin graft -severe crush injuries -burns
Created by: nnbernard