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On the Job

Employee Someone who works for a person or business for pay.
Orientation A program that introduces new employees to their company and its policies and procedures, or ways of doing things.
Supervisor The person who assigns, checks, and evaluates the work of an employee.
Self-motivation The drive to do something simply for the reward of feeling good and satisfied once it is accomplished.
Adaptability Skills A person's ability to change in order to fit new circumstances that may arise.
Form I-9 A form that verifies that a person is legally qualified to work in the United States.
Mentor An experienced coworker who answers the questions of a new employee and offers guidance to him or her.
Coworkers People who work together in a workplace.
W-4 Form A form that instructs an employer about the amount of money to deduct from an employee's paycheck for taxes.
Corporate Culture The characteristics and customs that make a company unique.
Wages A fixed amount of money paid for each hour worked.
Ethics The rules of behavior that govern a group or society.
Performance Reviews Meetings between an employee and his or her supervisor to evaluate how well the employee is doing his or her job.
Commission Earnings based on how much a worker sells.
Salary A fixed amount of money paid for a certain period of time.
Overtime Extra pay for each hour worked beyond 40 hours a week.
Entry-level A beginning level position with a company.
Benefits The "extras" an employer provides employees in addition to pay, such as insurance or paid time off.
Minimum Wage The lowest hourly wage an employer can legally pay for a worker's services.
Cooperation Working with others to reach a common goal.
Social Skills The skills a person uses to interact with others.
Human Resources The department of a company or business that recruits employees, administers company policies, develops training programs, and manages employee records.
Business Etiquette The rules of good workplace manners.
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