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physics final

physic final

what is matter anything that occupies space and has mass
all matter is compose of what all matter is composed of atoms
how is matter measured measured in kilograms
what is mass the quantity of matter in a physical object
how is mass measured measured in kilograms
what is energy the ability to do work
how is energy measured measured in joules
what is potential energy stored energy
what is kinetic energy energy in motion
what is electrical energy result from the movement of electrons
what is the law of conservation of matter matter cannot be created or destroyed
what is the law of conservation of energy energy cannot be created or destroyed
(radiology)electrical energy produces electromagnetic energy, which is then coverted into what chemical energy
what is ionization radiation that is capable of removing an orbital electron from an atom with which it interacts.
what is the two kinds of radiation natural and man-made
what is the similar with both radiations both are ionizing radiation
what is the largest natural radiation radon is the largest source of natural radiation
what is the largest source of man-made radiation diagnostic x-rays are the largest source of man-made radiation
what are some natural forms of radiation cosmic,terrestrial,deposited radionuclides
what are some man-made forms of radiation industry,nuclear medicine,medicine
how did William Roentgen discover x-rays with a crookes tube accidentally-nov.8,1895
the glass plate was covered with what when it started to glow barium platinocyanide
who was the 1st to get x-rayed and when Bertha Roentgen(Roentgen'swife) 1896
who was the 1st to demonstrate intensifying screen Michael Pupin-1896
who invented the flouroscope and when Thomas Edison-1898
when was it 1st realized that radiation causes bilogic changes 1898
when was Roentgen awarded the nobel prize 1901
when was the 1st recorded fatality due to radiation,and who was it Thomas Edison assistant clarence Daily-1904
when was the coolidge hot filament discovered 1913
when was the Potter-Bucky introduced 1921
what does ALARA stands for as low as reasonably achievable
what are the basic concepts of radiation protection filtration,collimation,intensifying screens,gonadal shielding,protective barriers
what are the properties of x-rays highly penetrating invisible form of electromagnetic radiation,electrically neutral,not affected by other fields,polyenergetic,releases small amounts of heat when passing through matter,travels in straight lines,travels at the speed of light 3x10 8th,can
what is a photon the smallest quantity of electromagnetic radiation,just as an atom is the smallest part of an element.
what is another name for photon quantum
photons are constantly changing in variation called what sine waves
what are the properties of a photon amplitude,frequency,wavelength,velocity
what is amplitude one half the height of wave from crest to valley
what is frequency(f) number of wavelengths passing a point per second
how is frequency measured measured in hertz
what is wavelength the distance from one crest to another crest or from valley to another valley
velocity travels at what speed 3x10 8th(speed of light)
which is the only property which is constant velocity
wavelength and frequency are what inversely proportional-as the wavelength increases,energy decreases
what is electricity defined as the flow of electrons
unlike charges attract,like charges repel,electrons are--,protons are-- negative,positive
what is the smallest unit of an electrical charge electrons
electrical potential is measured in volts
electrical potential is known as potential difference,electromotive force
how is electrical current measured measured in amperes(A)
what does the ampere measures measures the number of electrons flowing in the electric circuit
how is electric resistance measured electric resistance is measured in ohms
how does electrons flow in alternating current(AC) electrons flow back and forth on a conductor
how does electrons flow in direct current(DC) electrons flow in one direction along the conductor
in United States,electrical circuits operate in what 60-cycle alternating current.One cycle has two pulses of current-one negative-one positive
in what ways can you control electric current conductor,insulator,resistor
what is a conductor any substance in which electrons can flo through easily-cooper,water
what is a insulator any substance that doe not allow electron flow,confines electrons to the conductor-rubber
what is a resistor any substance that inhibits the flow of electrons
what is a electric circuit when the conductor is made into a closed path
what are the two kinds of circuits series and parallel
what is a series circuit all circuit elements are connected in a line along the same conductor(old christmas lights)
what is a parallel circuit connected at their ends rather than in a line(new christmas lights)
how is electric power measured measured in watts
how is a magnetic field strenght measured measured in tesla(T)
what is diamagnetic these materials are unaffected when brought into a magnetic field(wood,glass and plastic)
what is ferromagnetic strongly affected by a magnetic(iron,cobalt and nickel)
what is paramagnetic in between (MRI contrast,tungsten)
what is electromagnetism uses electricity and magnets to induce an electric current
what is a solenoid a coil of wire through which electric current flows
what is an electromagnet a current-carrying coil of wire wrapped around an iron core,which intensifies the magnetic field
what is Faraday's law states that an electric current is induced to flow in a circuit if that circuit is in a moving magnetic field
what is self-induction induction of a opposing voltage in a single coil by its own changing magnetic field
what is mutual induction the generation of an alternating current in a secondary coil by supplying an alternating current to the primary coil
what is a electric generator a coil of wire is rotated in a magnetic field,causing a current to be generated in the wire,used to converted mechanical energy int electrical energy
what is a electric motor in an x-ray tube,an induction motor is used-an induction motor powers the rotating anode of an x-ray tube
what is a transformer a electrical device operating on the principle of mutual induction to change the magnitude of current & voltage
what is a step-up transformer if there is more coil windings on the secondary side of the core than on the first-voltage increases
what is a step-down transformer if there are less coil windings on the secondary side than the primary side-voltage decreases
what is the most efficient type of transformer is the shell-type transformer
what is the turns ratio the number of turns in the primary coil compared with the number of wire turns in the secondary coil
autotransformer is known as variable transformer
what is an autotransformer single coil of wire with an iron core,used to select kV,operates on the principle of self-induction, 220 volts coming from wall autotransformer preps kv for high voltage side
what are the 3 main parts to an imaging system tube,operating console, high voltage generator
what are the parts on the primary low-voltage circuit line voltage compensator,autoformer,ma selector,kv meter, timer circuit
what is the line voltage compensator compensates for variation in voltage coming from power company
what is the autotransformer kv selector,operates on principle of self induction,has a single winding & supplies precise voltage to the filament circuit & to the high voltage circuit of the imaging system
what is the mA selector connected to filament circuit
what is the kV shows kV selected
what is the timer circuit controls lenght of exposure
what are the parts to the secondary high voltage circuit step-up transformer,mA meter,rectifier
what is the step-up transformer steps up voltage and steps down amperage,operates on principle of mutual induction,more turns on secondary side
what is the mA meter shows mA selected-measures tube current
what is the rectifier converts AC to DC
how does the step down transformer steps down voltage and steps up current in responses to the use of rheostats selected by the radiographer at the mA stations,operates on mutual induction
what does the rectification do converts AC to DC-the x-ray circuit requires AC while the tube cannot take AC must be converted to DC
three phase generators-what is the voltage 3 phase-6 pulse 13-25% voltage ripple3 phase-12 pulse 4-10% voltage ripplehigh frequency generator<1% voltage ripple
Created by: ambey
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