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Confusing words

Cnfusing words

Defuse to remove the fuse from a bomb
Diffuse to spread out
Obsequious Obedient or attentive
Obeisance a movement of the body showing respect
Ephemeral lasting a short time
Ethereal of relating to regions beyond earth
Obtuse slow to understand
Abstruse Difficult to under stand
Abdicate renounce ones theme
Abrogate to repeal or do away with
Elude to avoid or escape by being quick skillful or clever
Allude to make an indirect reference
Decent acceptable
Descent moving downward
Dissent Hold express opinions that are variance with those previously commonly or officially expressed
Torpid Mentally or physically inactive
Turgid Swollen and distended
Piquant Having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor
Piqued feel irritated
Voracious to excessively do something
Vociferous to express something in a loud forceful way
Lithe Thin supple graceful
Blithe showing casual or cheerful indifference considered to be improper
Describe to tell or depict something
Ascribe to credit
Affluent to have an abundance of wealth
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