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Designer Drugs

Tox Final

synthetic cannabinoids compounds similar in structure to and/or mimic effects of THC
synthetic cathinones amphetamine-like compounds that have stimulant and/or hallucinogenic effects
Federal analog laws similar in chemical structure and/or effects to schedule I or II drugs are banned
AL state analog laws same a federal, but broadened to include drugs with stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic effects and drugs which bind to cannabinoid receptors and have the ability to produce an effect
What are the effects/uses of cannabinoid antagonists? decrease food intake; initially showed some promise as treatment for obesity
JWH J. W. Huffman, first to produce synthetic cannabinoids JWH compounds have an indole group with and N-modification
HU Hebrew University, dibenzopyran structures, 100-800x stronger binding to CB1, resembles classic THC structure
CP Pfizer, cyclohexyphenol, 45x stronger than THC, binds CB1
WIN Sterling Winthrop, aminoalkylindoles
Where are CB1 receptors located? Mainly in the brain. Also in CNS, muscle, lungs, liver, kidney
What effects are produced when CB1 is activated? euphoria, relaxation, cognitive impairment
Where are CB2 receptors located? immune system. Effects are not known at this time
Why are synthetic cannabinoids toxic but THC isn't? THC is a partial agonist, but synthetics are full agonists
From what plant are cathinones derived? Khat
What are the medical uses for bupropion? depression, smoking cessation
When is the typical onset of effects for synthetic cathinones? 15-45 minutes
What is the mechanism of action for synthetic cathinones? inhibit reuptake of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, block membrane catecholamine transporters, incrase pre-syntptic release
What are the intended effects of synthetic cathinones? euphoria, increased alertness, energy, sexual arousal
What are the side effects of synthetic cathinones? severe agitation, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, extreme agression
What is the result of mixing alcohol with energy drinks? get drunk faster and reduce sedative effects of alcohol
What is the half life of phenazepam? 15-60 hours
How is phenazepam metabolized? 3-OH-phenazepam via CYP3A
What are some effects of phenazepam? dizziness, incordination, asthenia, somnolence
What is commonly seen with phenazepam? marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, and bath salts
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