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Psychedelic Drugs

Tox Final

Hallucination A perception where no stimulus exists
Hallucinogen Group of drugs that alter perception of reality
What are some characteristics of hallucinogens? hallucinations, paranoia, flashbacks, uncoordinated, body tremors
What are some characteristics of dissociative anesthetics? hallucinations, blank stare, increased pain threshold, sensory distortions, repetitive speech
Albert Hoffman First synthesized LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
Timothy Leary Harvard professor who established Psychedelic Research Project. Founded League of Spiritual Development in 1966. (LSD as religious sacrament)
Neo-American Church Founded by Arthur Kleps in 1966 (NYC). LAD, marijuana, mescaline as religious sacraments. Ultimate goal of man is bombardment and destruction of the planet Saturn
What are some common names for mescaline? peyote, buttons, mescalito
What is the chief hallucinogen in the peyote plant? mescaline
What is the typical dose of mescaline? 200-500 mg of HCl salt form
What is the mechanism of action for mescaline? serotonergic agonist
What is the half life of mescaline? How long does its effects last? Half Life: 6 hours Duration: 12 hours
What are some effects of mescaline? GI distress, mydriasis, excessive sweating, hypertension, nystagmus, visual hallucinations, emotional instability, anxiety, panic
What was the initial use of PCP? (phencyclidine) anesthetic for individuals with compromised cardiac function
What are the side effects of PCP? delusions, delerium, hallucinations, seizures
What is the therapeutic index of PCP as compared to other anesthetics? PCP: 10 Other Anesthetics: 2
What is the typical dose of PCP? 5-10 mg oral dose
What is the duration of effects? 4-6 hours with residual effects up to 24 hours
What forms can PCP be found in? crystal (80% purity) liquid for coating cigarettes (10-30% purity)
What are the physiological effects of PCP? sympathetic: increased heart rate, reflexes, and blood pressure parasympathetic: increased sweating, drooling, and pupil constriction
How is PCP administered? PO, IV, IM
What is the half life of PCP? 7-16 hours (2 compartment model)
What are the symptoms of PCP abuse? RED DANES: red skin, enlarged pupils, delusions, dissociations, amnesia, nystagmus, excitement, skin dry
What plants contain belladonna alkaloids? deadly nightshade, jimson weed
What is the natural alkaloid these plants contain? scopolamine (l-hyoscine)
What is the active ingredient in Salvia divinorum? Salvinorin A
What is the mechanism of action of Salvinorin A? kappa opioid receptor agontst
What genus of mushrooms are shrooms? psilocybin
What is the mechanism of action for shrooms? serotonin receptor agonist
How does psilocybin work? Absorbed in GI tract, producing hallucinations within 30 minutes and lasting about 6 hours
Ayahuasca Brew Used by natives in Amazonian Peru, combination of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and Banisteriopsis caapi (MAOI)
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