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Stack #176311

r v ch3,4,5,10Stack #176311

Fruits of the holy spirit the characteristics & qualities of those who allow themselves to be guided by the HS. They are listed in galatians 5:22-23
gifts of the Holy Spirit special graces given to us by the HS to help us respond to Gods call 2 holiness. The list of 7 gifts is derived from isaiah 11:1-3
Pentecost the biblical event following the resurrection & ascension of Jesus at which the HS was poured out on his disciples; the 1st Pentecost is often identified as the birth of the church. In the Christian liturgical yr, the feast is 50 days after Easter on whic
the fall also known as the fall from grace, the biblical revelation about the origins of sin & evil in the world, expressed figuratively in the story of adam & eve
concupiscence the tendency of all human beings toward sin, as a result of original sin
creed an official profession of faith, usually prepared & presented by a council of the church & used in the church`s liturgy. Based on the latin credo, meaning “I believe”, the 2 most familiar catholic creeds are the apostles` creed and the nicene creed
stewardship an attitude that we do not own the gifts God has given us, but are trustees of those gifts. We have an obligation to share our time, talent, & material treasures with others
soul the spiritual life principle of human beings that survives after death
angles based on a word meaning “messenger”, a personal & immortal creature, w/ intelligence & free will, who constantly glorifies God & serves as a messenger of God 2 humans in order 2 carry out God`s saving plan
original sin the sin by which the 1st humans disobeyed God , resulting in separation from God; also, the state of human nature that affects every person now born into the world
trinity often referred to as the blessed trinity, the central Christian mystery & dogma that there is 1 God in 3 persons : Father, Son, & th HS
monotheism belief in 1 God instead of many
creator a title given 2 God 2 signify that God & God only is the ultimate creator of everything that is and everything that ever will be
Created by: CassTrav