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Buddhism comes from the Sanskrit word: "to wake up"
Buddhism is what kind of religion? It's human centered and it is like a philosophy
Siddartha Guatama is who? A hindu born into the warrior caste... AKA: the Buddha ("The awakened one")
What is the Goal of the Buddhists? Nirvana
The four councils of early Buddhists assembled to formalize? Monastic Discipline and Buddhist scripture
The Three universal truths are? Ti-lakkhana, Annica, Dukkha
What is Ti-lakkhana? Things that are true about anything that exists
What is Annice? The principal that everything changes
What is Dukkha? The principal that suffering is everywhere, we don't like change (Annica) so it causes us suffering
What is Anatta? Not self, no soul... There is no soul because there is no constant thing that lasts forever, the thing that makes up your next life is your Karma not your soul
What are the four noble truths? Life is filled with suffering, The cause of suffering is desire, To cease suffering one must cease desiring, The path to the end of suffering is the middle way
What is the middle way? The principal of living life between indulgence and self-denial
What is the noble eightfold path? Three paths to stop suffering: Meditation, Wisdom, Behavior
What is right understanding? The understanding you must have of the four noble truths
What is right thought? You must think about the kind of life that you lead to make a commitment to live in a caring and unselfish way
what is right speech? Always speak in ways that are kind, truthful, and not hurtful to you or other people
What is right action? Behave in ways that respect living things, respect other people's property, respect other people's feelings, and respect yourself
What is right livlihood? Do a job that does not lead to harming others... (trade in deadly weapons, trade in animals for slaughter, trade in slavery, trade in intoxicants, trade in poison)
What is right effort? Do your best to avoid bad things and do good things. Avoid and prevent evil. Do good to others. Encourage the good in others.
What is right self-awareness? Control your mind so you can see things clearly. Be aware of your body, feelings, thoughts and world around you
What is right meditation? The Buddha gained enlightenment by meditation- so you can you
Mandala The sanskrit word for circle
What is Samsara? It is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
How is Buddhism different than Hinduism? Reborn into one of six realms, Human realm is the bes (choices), Perception coming from anger is hellish
What are the six realms? Hell, The hungry Ghost, Animal realm, Human realm, God realm, and the Demi-God realm
How do you get out of Samsara? The middle way/ the Nobel eightfold path-- Moksha
What does Nirvana mean? "To be extinguished" -- extinguish the fired of desire, ignorance, pride, ect-- beyond description, peaceful
What are the similarities between Buddhism and Catholicism? Peace and compassion, non-violent means, both have nuns, monks, and monasteries
Who was Thomas merton? A Trappist monk who attended the international meeting of Buddhist and Catholic monks
Compare Jesus Christ and the Buddha? Both had miraculous Births, Both faced temptation, had followers, walked on water, fed a multitude of people, shared a message and a way of spiritual freedom, founded a world religion, few adhearents to the place of origin
Differences between Jesus Christ and the Buddha? q The Buddha did not claim to be divine while Jesus is both... Jesus was born into a humble life, the Buddha was a prince... The Buddha was married.. Message of the Kingdom of God/ The message of the cessation of suffering
Suffering? read notes
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