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Careers Vocab

Careers Vocabular Study Guide

Ability A skill you develop through practice
Application Form A form that gives a company basic information about you.
Annual Earnings The amount of money a person makes in one year.
Associate's Degree The degree that a person receives after going to a community college or junior college for two years.
Bachelor's Degree The degree that a person receives after going to a college or university for 4 years.
Career Cluster A groups of jobs with similar characteristics.
Community services Volunteering
Cover Letter A one page letter a job seeker sends along with a resume telling who he or she is and why he or she is sending a resume.
Employability Skills Basic characteristics you need for a job, reading writing, communication, etc.
Entrepreneur A person who starts and runs a business.
Ethics The rules of conduct recognized in a job, no lying, cheating or stealing.
Goal Setting Coming up with specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives.
Individual Learning Plan Computer base program that allows you to plan for your future, through an interest inventory, saving careers that interest me, and career clusters.
Initiative Completing a task without being asked.
Interview A meeting between a job applicant and an employer to discuss a job and candidates credentials.
Job Description A list of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position.
Job Skills Abilitities you need for a specific job.
Learning Styles Different approaches or ways people naturally think and learn.
Long Term Goal Something you plan to achieve in more than 3 years
Medium Term Goal Something you plan to achieve in 2 months to 3 years
Networking Talking with people about possible job opportunities
Non-Verbal Communication Communicating that does not involve words. Examples include body language, physical appearance, and touch.
Personal Satisfaction A positive attitude based on meeting goals, being happy with yourself.
Post Secondary Options available after high school
References People who have worked with you and who will recommend you for a job.
Responsibility Being accountable for our own actions, making good decisions
Salary The amount of money an employee is paid.
SCAN Skills Secretary's Commission of Achieving Necessary Skills
Short Term Goals Something you plan to achieve in less than two months.
Skill The ability to do something well.
Team Skill Working with other people to reach a common goal or task.
Technology Using computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices on the job.
Verbal Communication Communication with words, written or spoken
Values The things that are important to you.
Coworkers People other than your supervisor with whom you work
Apprentice A helper who is trained on the job by a senior workers.
Interests Items and activities that attract your attention.
Promotion Advancement on the job
Resume A written account of qualifications, including education or training and experience.
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