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anti against
auto self
circum around
com, con with
contra against
de off, away from
ex out of, former
hetero different
homo same
hyper over, more
il, im, in, ir not, without
inter between
intra between
macro large
micro small
mono one
non not, without
omni all, every
post after
pre, pro before, forward
sub under
trans across
tri three
un not
uni one
ambi both
aqua water
aud to hear
bene good
cent one hundred
dict to say
form shape
fort strength
fract break
ject throw
mal bad
mater mother
pater father
port to carry
spect to look
vid/vis to see
voc voice; to call
auto self
bio life
graph writing
hydr water
hypo below; beneath
logy study of
meter/metr measure
mis wrongly
morph form; shape
phil love
phobia fear
photo/phos light
psycho soul; spirit
scope viewing instrument
techno art; science; skill
tele far off
therm heat
bi two
quad four
re again
equi equal
super above, beyond
telescope far off + viewing instrument = instrument used to see things far away
contradict against + to say = To say something against someone else
hypothermia below + heat = Below heat-really cold
psychology soul + study of = The study of a human's soul
inject into + throw = To put or throw something inside something else
autograph self + writing = Your name written down
telegraph far off + writing = A written message sent somewhere far away
biography life + writing = A book written about someone's life
Created by: asscheeks