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PHAR 442

Pharmacy Communications

What is the difference between methyl salicylate and methylcellulose? Methyl salicylate is a counterirritant, methylcellulose is a bulk-forming laxative.
What is an adverse effect of Mg salts? Diarrhea
What is an adverse effect of Al salts? Constipation
True/False: K Dichromate and White Bryony have questionable efficacy. True
What is contained in "other information?" Info about how to store the product and any additional info that is required by the FDA about certain ingredients.
What is important about the "inactive ingredient" section? It includes important information about allergies.
True/False: Ampicillin, digitalis, and iron can decrease absorption of PPI products. True
Is there a pediatric dose for H2RA antacid products? No, must be 12 or older
What is the dose for Cimetidine? 200 mg BID
When should you refer to a child to a primary MD? 103 F temp when older than 6 months, 72 hour fever, 100.3 F temp when younger than 6 months.
What is the pediatric dosing for APAP? 0-12 YO: 10-15 mg/kg q4-6h
\What is the pediatric dosing for Ibuprofen? 6 months and older: 5-10 mg/kg q6-8h
What is the dose for Ranitidine? 75-150 mg bid
What is the pediatric dosing for Aspirin? 0-12 YO: 60 mg/year old
True/False: Chronic tension headaches last more than 15 days each month for 6+ months accompanied by depression or emotional problems. True
True/False: Cimetidine has risk of gynecomastia and impotence. True
What are H2RA side effects? Headache, drowsiness, GI symptoms, CNS disturbances (rare)
What is Famotidine's (Pepsid) dosing? 10-20 mg bid
What are side effects of NSAIDs? Sensitivity, GI bleed, fluid retention, increase blood pressure
What is methylcellulose's dose? 4-6 grams
What is psyllium's dose? 6-9 grams
Methylcellulose, polycarbophil, psyllium, and wheat dextrin would be classified as what? Bulk-forming laxative
Capsaicin, Menthol, and Methyl Salicylate are examples of what? Counterirritant analgesics
True/False: Rare, severe, fatal skin reactions have been reported with APAP use. True
What is the standardized combination APAP dose? 325 mg
What is the adult APAP dose? 500-1000 mg q4-6h, max 4 gm/d
What is the pediatric APAP dose? 10-15 mg/kg q4-6h prn
What is the dose for Nizatidine? 75 mg BID
What is the dosage for Docusate? 50 to 500 mg
True/False: Emollient laxatives are approved for children 2 years and up. True
What are the only laxatives that don't have 12-72 hour onset? Lubricating (6-8 hours), Saline Laxative (0.5-3 hours), Stimulant Laxative (6-12 hours), Miscellaneous Laxative (castor oil 1-3 hours), Glycerin (within 30 min)
What is the adverse effect of CaCO3 antacids? Constipation
What is the adverse effect of NaHCO3 antacids? Milk Alkali Syndrome
What indications can ASA be used for? Pain, inflammation, fever, heart attack, stroke, angina
What is the adult ASA dose? 650 mg po q4-6h, OTC max 4 gm/day
What is the pediatric ASA dose? 60 mg/year of age, not to exceed 600 mg
What medication has a risk of Reye syndrome in pediatric patients? Aspirin
What is Simethicone's dose? 125-250 mg pc & hs (max 500 mg)
What are two examples of topical antipruritics (anti-itch)? Diphenhydramine and Calamine
What is Prilosec, Zegerid, Prevacid, and Nexium classified as? PPI antacid
What is the age restriction for Diphenhydramine? Must be at least 2 years old.
What is Reye Syndrome? Fatty deposits in liver and brain following viral infection (associated with salicylate use).
Simethicone, charcoal, a-galactosidase (Beano), and lactase replacement are examples of? Gas-lactose treatment
What is the adult Ibuprofen dose? 200-400mg q4-6h (1200 mg/day OTC max)
What age restriction is there for -caine anesthetics? Must be at least 2 years old.
What is Naproxen's dose? 220 mg bid-tid (max 660 mg)
True/False: Counterirritant is not approved in children < 2 years of age True
What is the specific acetaminophen pediatric dosing? Up to a year--60 mg, 1 to 3 years--60 to 120 mg, 3 to 6 years--120 mg, 6 to 12 years--240 mg, NO OTC USE IN LESS THAN 2 YO
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