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ch 16 and 19


3 naturally occurring catecholamines norepinephrine/ dopamine epinephrine
how do anitmigranine products decrease pain decrease lumen of the blood vessel
why are 5 HT agonists not given to p/t with ischemic hear disease or cario problems cause coronary heart disease
cholinergic drug overdose causes what? cholinergic crisis
herbal meds for migraines with interactions? feverfew ginkgo
what increases absorption of anti migraine agents caffeine
abruptly stopping migraine agents result in? rebound headaches
stomach upset r/t naratriptan will be reduced by? taking it with food
antimigraine meds considered safe during pregnacy Migranal
following conditions that might cause seizures head injury brain tumor meningitis
4 major drug groups used for seizuires hydantoins barbiturates succinimides benzodiazepines
Barbiturates have long duration of action and used primarily as anticonvuslatns to? reduce nerve impulses going to the brain
2 most common a/e to barbiturates respiratory depression lethargy
herbal products that decrease effects of seizues bitter melon ginkgo gymnema
why do older adults require decreased does of barbiturates metabolize slower
drug class used for anticonconvusant/sedative barbiturate
benzodiazepines that treat sezeuires diazepam clonazepam clorazepate
benzodiazepine drug of choice for treating status epilepticus diazepam
benzodiazepine overdose symptoms drowsiness confusion impaired gait weakness
may interact with benzodiazepines anticonvusants alcohol antidepressants
causes daytime drowsiness phenobarbital
most common anticonvuslsant Dilantin
hydantions cause? gum overgrowth
class of anticonvulsants that interfere with some lab tests? hydantions
p/t teaching r/t dilantin avoid alcohol
eye jerking with dilantin is? common
a/e of succinimides dizziness night terrors hyperactivity
treat N, V, vertigo? antidopaminergics 5 HT receptor anticholinergics
drugs used for vertigo meclizine dimenhydrinate
most common s/e of antihistamines sedation
2 herbal products used for motion sickness ginger peppermint
when should p/t take med to prevent motion sickness 30 min prior
antihistamine with no effect on motion sickness diphendydramine
pharmacologic actions of antiparkinsonsian agents block uptake of acetylcholine increase functional levels of dopamine
2 drug categories used for parkinsons anticholinergics dopaminergics
2 herbal products used to relieve parkinson symptoms grape seed gingko
toxicity of dopaminergic agent muscle twitching bleoharospasm
2 dopaminergic agents used to treat parkinson carbidopa levodopa
dopaminergic/anticholinergic cause with long term use? dystonia(impaired muscle tone) akinesia(involuntary muscle movement)
antihistamine used for parkinson diphenydramine
a/e of antiparkinsonian agents abdominal pain urinary problems intermittent winking/muscle twitching
antiparkinsonsian agents can cause? glacoma
anxiety meds can make you feel? helpless inability to concentrate irritability
anti anxiety - short term why? addictive
anti anxiety can be used for? muscle spams prior to cardioversion delirium r/t alcohol withdrawal
decrease GI distress with Benzodiazepines take with food
avoid with Xanax no smoking/caffeine (decrease effect)
antianxiety agents impair? physical cognitive function mental alterness
3 major med categories that treat depression? MAOIs Tricyclic antidepressants SSRIs
tricyclic antidepressants work by? interfering with norepinephrine/serotonin
Tricyclic are preferred over MAOI's because? less a/e
2 antihypertensives with no effect with tricyclic antidepressants guanethidine clonidine
2 a/e with tricyclic/MAOIs together hypertension hyperphyrexia
MAOIs work by? block inactivation of biogenic amines
herbal product for depression st.johns wort
wellburtin a/e seizures
celexa used for depression alcoholism panic disorder
avoid with MAOIs cheese pickled hearing avocados soy sauce
antipsychotic drugs treat? schizophrenia organic brain syndrome mania
increase effects of phenothiazines barbiturates
antipsychotic agents s/e decreased respiration decreased cough reflex
abruptly stopping phenothiazines will? dyskinesia(involuntary muscle movements)
Phenothiazines take how long to work? several weeks
phenothiazine overdose exaggerated CNS depression cardiac dysrythmias extraphyrdmidal symptoms
phenothiazine = avoid sweating/ increased urination perspire is decreased
Lithium is unique because used for manic states
Lithium overdose diarrhea muscle weakness
lithium a/e rash drowsiness hypotension
lithium p/t teaching increase h2o intake no caffeine (r/t constipation)
hypnotic means? sleep
sedative means? relaxation
herbal products for insomnia valerian kava kava chamomile
3 groups that produce sedative-hypotic effects benzodiazepines chloral derivatives piperidine derivatives
safest sedative-hypnotic benzodiazepines
sedative-hypnotic p/t teaching tolerance
antacidds contain what? magnesium
anticoagulant interferes with which H2 blocker the most tagamet
Best time to take potassium pump inhibitors? before meals
1st line therapy for peptic ulcer treatment H2 blocker
drugs that treat diarrhea/ increase bowel motility antispasmodics anticholinergics antidiarrheals
primary use of anticholinergic-antispasmadic agents irritable colon peptic ulcer
action of antidiarrheals reduce amount of H2O in the stool decrease peristalsis
causes urinary retention? antidiarrheals
non OTC antidiarrheal Lomotil
common a/e of anticholinergics dysphagia rapid/weak pulse dilated pupils
common a/e of laxatives abdominal cramping diarrhea
senna p/t teaching stool change to yellow color
used for gallstones Actigall
How often pancreatic enzymes should be given? with meals and snacks
herbal product for heartburn/indigestion? ginger
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