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Unit 11 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Words

Classification any system that takes a collection of materials and creates logical groups
Kingdom a taxonomic category that contains the largest number of different organisms, that share some traits or characteristics
Kingdom Archaebacteria single celled organisms without a nucleus that live in extreme environments i.e oceans
Kingdom Animal multi-cellular, they take food from the outside environment
Kingdom Eubacteria complex, single organisms without a nucleus, These are common bacteria
Kingdom Fungi also may be single or multi-cellular, but they will reproduce by sending out spores
Kingdom Plant multi-cellular with cell walls and chlorophyll, they make there own food
Microscope a device that uses lenses to increase the apparent of a object
Compound Microscope a microscope that uses two or more lenses to magnify a object
Electron Microscope significantly more powerful than a light microscope.
Convex Lens a magnifying lens that is curved outward on both sides and used to enlarge objects
Magnification Tools devices created to increase the size of an object
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