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Test on Nov. 24

What are mitochondria and why are they important include cristae Mitochondria break down glucose which creates energy for the cell. They use Cristae to increase surface area so more vigorously broken down
Define passive transport Passive transport is the movement of substances through a cell it goes from hi two and requires no energy
Define osmosis and diffusion This is the movement of water. Diffusion is the movement of substances that are anything but water.
What is the difference between isotonic hypertonic and hypotonic solutions Isotonic is where the seller has reached equilibrium. Same amount of h2o are going in and out. Hypertonic is where there's a greater concentration of H2O inside the cell so more H2o try to reach equilibrium. Hypertonic solution is where more
Why are osmosis and diffusion important diffusion is the movement of substances that one higher to lower concentration is the movement of the head a little concentration it's important because the cell can maintain equilibrium a Homo stasis
Define enzyme and substrate Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions and sub trades are what enzymes act upon and changed forever
Define all of the reactions in organism Metabolism
True or false producers make their own food True
Photosynthesis equation 6C02 plus H20 plus energy yields see 6H 1206+602
Find Sellier respiration and fermentation So you are respiration is where glucose is broken down. Fermentation is where there's no oxygen and glucose is broken down this creates lactic acid
Define facilitated diffusion When molecules are too large to pass across cell membranes transfer molecules through a separate gateway
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