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8th grade science

What are 3 examples of chemical to thermal energy conversions? digestion, camp stove, and a bike
In every conversion some energy is converted to _________ energy. This is why ____________________ machines can't exist. thermal; perpetual motion
A moving object has _________ energy. kinetic
What are three examples of fossil fuels? coal, natural gas, and petroleum
To find kinetic energy first you need to know ________ and ______________. mass; velocity(speed)
Thermal energy is........ total kinetic energy
Sound energy is......... vibrations of matter
Light energy is............ electrically charged particles
Electrical energy is......... moving electrons
Work and energy are both expressed in what unit? Joules
What's the formula for gravitational energy? What unit is used for the answer? GPE=mgh(Weight x Height); joules
Efficiency of light bulb compares____________________ going into a bulb and ___________________ coming out of a bulb. electrical energy; light energy
What is most important energy source? the sun
What's the formula for mechanical energy? Kinetic + Potential (Motion + Position)
In your body __________ energy from food provides ____________ energy to keep your body temperature constant. chemical; thermal
What is the energy provided by food is measured in ___________. calories
Material that warm up and cool off rapidly have a High/Low specific heat capacity. Low
A tile floor feels cold because energy is conducted from________ to ________. foot; floor
The official SI temperature scale is _________. Kelvin
Alcohol in a thermometer rises because of ____________ ____________. thermal expansion
Thermal energy is increased with mass. True/False True
Adding ice to drinks in a cooler will ________ the drinks kinetic energy, transfer heat from ________ to ______, and allow the drinks and ice to reach __________ _________________. lower; drinks; ice; thermal equilibrium
The handle on hot spoon heats up due to _____________. conduction
Greenhouses receive heat due to ____________. raditation
A change of state is a _____________ change. physical
Why does steam cause a more sever burn than hot water? Steam has more energy than hot water.
What's difference between energy conversion and the law of conservation of energy? Energy conversion- a change from one form to another, Law of conservation of energy- energy can't be created or destroyed.
How is temperature related to kinetic energy? Temperature- average kinetic energy, positive relationship.
Created by: Lilla721