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Chap. 9, 17 and 21

Mexico, North Africa and South Africa

indigenous people who are an area's first inhabitants
Native Americans first people living in what is now modern day Mexico
Maya Native Americans who lived in the Yucatan Peninsula
mestizo marriage or blending of Native Americans and Europeans
urbanization migration of people from the countryside to the cities
primate city an urban area that dominates its couuntry's economy, culture and poltiical affaris
Sahara largest desert in the world
oasis a place in the desert where underground water surfaces
Pastoralism the raising and grazing of livestock
cereals food grains such as barley, oats and wheat
Lesotho a small country completely surrounded by the country of South Africa
Johannesburg owes its origins and growth to gold mining
Angola Portuguese controlled this region throughout the 1500s
coup d etat an overthrow of the government
universal suffrage voting rights for all adult citizens
apartheid a political system based on the separation of the races
megacities cities with more than 10 million people
glyphs picture writings carved in stone
chinampas floating islands made from large rafts
viceroys roally appointed officials by the Spanish government
mosaics pictures or designs made with colored stone or tile
Hispaniola first European settlement founded in 1493
dialects forms of a language unique to a particular place or group
patois dialects that blend indigenous, European, African and Asia languages
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