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DZ GEO Unit 5

Unit 5: Western Europe

4 countries in United Kingdom Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales
his poetry showed harsh working conditions the worker faced in the Industrial Revolution William Blake
energy produced from heat from the earth's interior geothermal
2nd largest city in Germany; center of trade Hamburg
these two nations fought for control of Europe and around the world for hundreds of years England and France
spongy material containing waterlogged mosses and plants peat
Scottish clothing that's a connection to the old Highland games kilt
cultural center of Germany Munich
5 Nordic nations? Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
Impressionism painting using light, shadows, and colors
other language in Wales Welsh
symbol of division in Germany after WWII Berlin Wall
financial organization in Europe European Union
Scottish hero that fought England William Wallace
country that was punished and forced to pay reparations after WWI Germany
capital of united Germany Berlin
flooded glacial valleys fjords
France's #1 crop; Why? grapes; perfect weather
resource rich area Germany and France share Rhine
capital of Austria Vienna
2nd busiest seaport in Europe; located in France Marseilles
has many banks because of neutrality Zurich and Geneva
cultural, economic capital of France Paris
site of famous French film festival Cannes
England's key city; European center of trade London
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