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Horse Breeds Lvl. 1

Somewhat well-known horse breeds

Primary breed used for racing; often crossed to add speed, refinement, and heart to other breeds Thoroughbred
Popular American breed; extremely fast for short sprints; originally bred for racing - most highly developed "cow sense" of any breed American Quarter Horse
Western horse; easily recognizable by its striking patterns, which include tobiano and overo American Paint Horse
Highly prized horses native to Austria and of Spanish blood; famous for their performances at the legendary Spanish Riding School; best suited for dressage (this is kind of tricky) Lippizzan
Sometimes mistaken for ponies; ideally a scaled-down version of a regular horse Miniature Horse
Known for its unique and incredibly smooth gait known as the "fox-trot" Missouri Fox Trotter
Legendary for its exceptional strength (despite its relatively small size) and versatility; named for the foundation sire's owner Morgan
Known for high tail carriage; often used for showing and dressage; one distinctive characteristic is its dramatically dished face Arabian
Most well-known draft breed; recognizable by the silky feathering on the lower legs; Budweiser mascot :) Clydesdale
Bold color patterns; strong and athletic; valued for their unique color patterns including leopard, frost, marble, etc. Appaloosa
Created by: horselover92



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