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Units 4-9

affable courteous and pleasant
aggrandize increase in greatness
amorphous shapeless
aura atmosphere
contraband illicit
erudite scholarly
gossamer thin, light, delicate
infer to find out by reasoning
inscrutable incomprehensible
insular relating to
irrevocable unalterable
propensity natural inclination
querulous peevish
remonstrate reason against
repudiate to disown
resilient elastic
reverberate to re-echo
scurrilous vulgar or low
sedulous persistent, tireless
sleazy tawdry, cheap
amnesty general pardon
autonomy self-government
axiomatic taken for granted
blazon adorn or embellish
caveat warning or caution
equitable right, just
extricate disentangle
flout to mock
fractious tending to be troublesome, peevish
precept principle
salutary helpful
scathing bitterly severe
scourge punish severely
sepulchral funereal
soporific tending to cause sleep
straitlaced overly strict
transient lasting only a short time
unwieldy cumbersome
vapid dull, uninteresting
anomalous abnormal
aspersion act of slandering or defaming
bizarre outlandish
brusque curt, abrupt
cajole to coax
castigate chastise
contrive think up, devise
demagogue rabble-rouser
disabuse undeceive
ennui boredom
fetter bond, restraint
heinous wicked, offensive
immutable unchangeable
insurgent revolutionary, rebellious
megalomania delusions of grandeur
sinecure "no-show" job
surreptitious stealthy, secret
transgress exceed
transmute transform
vicarious performed, imagined
austere stern, harsh
beneficent humanitarian
cadaverous corpse like
concoct create
crass unfeeling
debase cheapen
desecrate violate
disconcert faze, confuse
grandiose majestic, bombastic
inconsequential unimportant
infraction violation
mitigate to make milder or softer
pillage ravage, booty
prate chatter, prattle
punctilious precise
redoubtable inspiring fear or awe
reprove chide
restitution compensation
stalwart sturdy
vulnerable defenseless
acrimonious biting, caustic
bovine stupid, cow
consternation bewilderment
corpulent overweight
disavow disclaim
dispassionate unbiased, free from emotion
dissension disagreement
dissipate disperse
expurgate censor
gauntlet trial
hypothetical assumed
ignoble mean, low, base
impugn challenge
intemperate excessive
odium hatred
perfidy betrayal
relegate demote
squeamish nauseated
subservient servile
susceptible vulnerable
abate diminish
adulation adoration
anathema abomination
astute shrewd
avarice greedy desire
culpable guilty
dilatory stalling
egregious flagrant, blatant
equivocate speak in a way that allows for more than one interpretation
evanescent transitory
irresolute indecisive
nebulous cloudlike, hazy
novice newb
penury destitution
pretentious ostentatious
recapitulate summarize
resuscitate revive
slovenly unkempt
supposition assumption
torpid sluggish
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