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Comprehensive of chapters 1-10

A study with customer service representatives indicated that having low standing on the Big Five personality factors was associated with being a conscientious and productive worker True
The willingness to take risks and pursue thrills on the job is a personality trait that has grown in importance in the high technology era True
A highly effective sequence of events for achieving high self-esteem is to receive a lot of praise and recognition, and then attempt to accomplish something worthwhile False
Establishing a yes pattern early in a sales session helps set up a climate to persuade the other person True
You can tell that you are participating in informal learning when beverages and snacks are served during break time at a seminar False
A crew is identified by the technology it handles True
Meeting deadlines in a group takes place naturally because the vast majority of workers regard deadlines as a moral necessity. False
Bruce focuses on what is best for the group so he is said to be engaging in a self-serving role True
Self-managing work teams are groups that come together for a brief period of time to solve a problem, then disband. False
Part of trusting team members is to be willing to submit an unproved idea to them for their inspection. True
Created by: Rose_Marie
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