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Comprehensive of tests 1-10

Which one of the following experiences is likely to do you the most good in terms of developing job skills? having a boss with serious shortcomings
Juan has a strong g factor. He is therefore likely to perform well mostly on tasks requiring good verbal ability
Jack indicates high self-efficacy when he says, I know that I will make a superior PowerPoint presentation
Getting physically close to another person is usually interpreted as conveying a positive attitude
Person-role conflict occurs when an individual is asked to perform a task that clashes with his or her values
Which of the following techniques is particularly recommended when you need to know how people would react to the alternatives to the problem at hand? nominal group technique
The political decision model assumes that when making a decision, people are trying to satisfy their self-interests
A key communication challenge for virtual teams is to ensure that team members have precise information about work responsibilities
Consensus comes about when group members generally accept a decision and then give it their support
An important connection between interpersonal relations and problem solving is that many key problems are solved by groups
Suzy often occupies the plant role in a group, so she emphasizes solving difficult problems
Alternative solutions developed by members in the nominal group technique are evaluated independently by group members
Created by: Rose_Marie
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