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Hatchet Review

A review of the novel to help prepare for the end-of-unit assessment

True or False? Brian was going to visit his father for the summer? True
True or False? Mr. Perpich's advice is to stay calm and to wait for help to come? False
True or False? Brian feels his first most important need is a weapon for protection False
True or False? Brian builds his first fire using his watch crystal False
True or False? Brian relies on past experiences and knowledge to solve survival problems True
True or False? Brian is scared away from the raspberries by a moose False
True or False? Brian learns that self-pity is useless True
True or False? Brian keeps the signal fire burning day and night False
True or False? Brian is unable to spear the fish because they are too fast for him False
True or False? Brian learns that nothing in nature can afford to be lazy True
Short Answer: Why does Brian feel fire is his friend? The fire offers warmth and protection. It also gives Brian something to take care of.
Short Answer: How does Brian's encounter with the porcupine illustrate that both good and bad can come from the same incident? It was good because it helped Brian learn to make fire. It was bad because Brian was injured by the quills.
Short Answer: Brian was almost blinded twice. How could becoming blind have been fatal to him? Brian would not be able to see to get for for himself, and he would not be able to defend himself against enemies. he would have been helpless.
Short Answer: How does measure time while in the wilderness? Brian measure time by making tally marks and keeping a mental journal of major events.
Short Answer: Why does Brian want to kill a foolbird when he now has all the fish he can eat? The fish aren't filling. He wants "real meat."
Short Answer: Why is the pilot's flight plan useless to the searchers? The plane flew too far off-course.
Short Answer: Why does Brian feel that he was foolish in thinking that the turtle had come ashore to play? Animals do not "play."
Short Answer: Brian learns that things happen fast. Give two examples from the story that show this. Moose attack and tornado
Short Answer: How is Brian able to get items from the plane to the shore? He builds a raft
Created by: cbruce