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News Design Terms

Journalism 1

infographic visual representation of statistical information such as a map, chart, diagram, or timeline.
pull quote quote from a story arranged as a graphic in the layout of the story.
caption (also known as a cutline) a line of copy placed near a photo that explains the content of the photo.
byline a line of copy that identifies the writer of a story
masthead the block of information including staff names and publication data often printed on the editorial page.
headline a line of copy that serves as a title for the story
justified a form of type that aligns or is spaced evenly on both sides of the column.
double-truck {also be called a center-spread) is the spread in the center of the publication. It goes across two pages.
gutter the white space that separates columns and facing pages
spot color when one color is applied in strategic places on a page
copy content of a news article. Quite literally, it’s the words in the body of the article.
photo picture produced by a camera
graphics the art, artwork, or non-textual matter in a newspaper
nameplate the name of a newspaper as it’s displayed on page one
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