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Wordmaster #1

Wordmaster list #1 for 6th grade

Indluge (v) to yield or give in to the wishes of oneself or another
Eke (v) to increase with great effort or strain; to give what is lacking; to supplement; to “get by” by being thrifty
Subsist (v) barely making ends meet; just managing to get by or survive
Adapt (v) to adjust or change due to new circumstances; to get used to something
Orient (v) to familiarize oneself w/ new surroundings or circumstances
Mundane (adj) common; ordinary; pertaining to the everyday world
Trite (adj) worn out; overused; not fresh or effective due to excessive repetition; ordinary
Refurbish (v) to refurnish or redecorate
Naive (adj) unsophisticated, simple; having a lack of experience, judgment, or information
Sophisticated (adj) knowledgeable, not naïve; complex or precise
Manipulate (v) to influence, often in an unfair manner; to move, arrange, or operate
Rig (v) to fix or put together; to manipulate, arrange dishonestly; to fit a ship with sails
Provision (n) a supply of food or other necessities; a rule or condition written into a contract
Stringent (adj) severe, urgent, convincing, or forcible
Rigor (n) strict, severe, or harsh
Vehement (adj) intense; marked by great energy; characterized by anger
Strident (adj) making or having a harsh sound
Motif (n) a theme or idea in art, writing, or music; a design or pattern in decorating
Theme (n) a topic or motif; a recurring idea in a show, song, etc.
Refugee (n) a person who flees to escapes to safety, often to a foreign country (often in the time of war, etc.)
Sanctuary (n) a church or temple; a holy place; a place of refuge; a place for protection
Asylum (n) a place offering protection; a shelter; protection granted by a government to a refugee; an institution for the care of people
Residue (n) something that remains after a part is removed or cleaned (usually a small amount); left over
Squalor (n) dirt, filth
Luxuriant (adj) abundant in growth; luxury(n- luxury) something enjoyed as an addition to the normal comforts of life
Created by: butchie1