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Personal Protective Equipment

A screwdriver tip that looks like star Torx
A screwdriver tip that is square Robertson
2 types of Chisel, Wood and Cold
Punches are use to make Indentation
Loudness is measured in Decibels
One job site Hazard exposure could be Asbestos
Lead Poison could be found in Paint
When I am grinding or chipping I should use? Safety Glasses
PPE is designed to protect you from what? Injury
The part of a Hard Hat to wash is called? Webbing
Before using a tool, ask the? Instructor
Does Job safety depends on me? True
A tool with movable jaws Vices
Loose clothing can cause Injuries
where is the fire extinguisher in the shop? by desk
after working at your workbench you must? clean up
Any dusk mask can protect your lungs? False
When other Students are working, what can you not do? Disturb them
The hard part of a boot is called? Steel toe
Created by: tribuortiz