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IC+ Sig Codes

Walgreens sig shortcuts

MD writes | TranslationYou type into IC+
Take 1 tablet by mouth +
a | before B
aa | to the affected area AA
ac | before a meal AC
a.d. | right ear AD
in the right ear REA
in the left ear LEA
a.u. | both ears AU
b.i.d. | twice a day BID
capsule; capsules C; CS
capful CFL
cc | cubic centimeter CC
crush CRU
chew and swallow CSW
d | daily D
dental appointment DAPP
double or triple for illness DTI
take four capsules 1 hour before dental appt. DNC
take for tablets 1 hour before dental appt. DNT
externally EXT
prn fever | as needed for fever FEV
prn fever and p | as needed for fever and pain FEVP
f.i.d. | five times daily FID
follow package directions FPD
gtt | a drop; drops GTT; GTS
h; hr; ° | hours H
h.s. | at bedtime HS
in each nostril IEN
inject INJ
intramuscularly | in the muscle IM
insert 1 applicatorful vaginally at bedtime IVB
insert 1 suppository vaginally at bedtime IVS
liquid LQ
may cause drowsiness MCD
Meq | milliequivalent MEQ
mg | milligram MG
mL | milliliter; milliliters ML; MLS
n & v | for nausea & vomiting NV
nebulizer NEB
for nerves NER
no more than 3,000 mg of acetaminophen daily NM3
no more than 4,000 mg of acetaminophen daily NM4
nostril NOS
o.d. | right eye OD
o.s. | left eye OS
o.u. | both eyes OU
on an empty stomach OES
p | pain P
p.c. | after a meal PC
po | by mouth PO
p.r.n. | as needed PRN
as needed for PRF
as needed for anxiety PRA
puffs PFS
q | every Q
qam | every morning QAM
qd | one time a day QD
q4h | every four hours Q 4 H
every night at bedtime QHS
q.i.d. | four times daily QID
q.o.d. | every other day QOD
qpm | every evening QPM
r | rectally REC
in the right eye REY
in the left eye LEY
in affected eye(s) AEY
in affected ears AEA
swish and swallow SAS
ss; S. | one-half SS
SL | under the tongue UNT
shortness of breath SOB
subcutaneously SQ
stat | immediately IMM
sup | suppository; suppositories SUP; SPS
tablet; tablets T; TS
until all taken TAT
tea or tsp | teaspoonful; teaspoonsful TEA; TES
tbsp | tablespoon TBL
t.i.d. | three times daily TID
take TK
one tablet under the tongue as needed for chest pain TNT
ud or utd | as directed; use as directed UTD; U UTD
unwrap UNW
in the vagina VAG
vomiting VOM
use 1 vial via nebulizer VVN
while awake WA
with meals WC
with food WF
times daily XD
apply sparingly with each diaper change ASD
apply to rash APR
bedtime BED
cough and congestion CNC
dissolve _ tablets in water DIW,_
generic for GF
headache HA
inhale_puffs every_hours INH,_,_
1 daily for a full cycle. Stop for 1 week, then repeat. OC
take _capsules every_hours CPS,_,_
take_tablets every_hours TBS,_,_
use U
½ ALT + 171
¼ ALT + 172
¾ ALT + 0190
give G
apply APP
Created by: elle_louise