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Africa CA 2

Ethnic Groups, Colonization, Independence, Apartheid

When did most African colonies receive their indeppendence? In the 1950's and 1960"s.
Which European country was the first to colonize South Africa? The Netherlands
What is the system in which a powererful country takes over a weaker country for their resources? Imperialism
What conflict broke out in Nigeria shortly after independence? Civil war between the Christians and Muslims
What was Nelson Mandela's attitude toward the people that had been responsible for the old government in Sout Africa? He felt all races needed to work together to help the country move forward.
What did Europeans do to hel[p fuel the Industrial Revolution? They created colonies in Africa to provide raw materials.
How did the colonizers view the native African people? As a source of cheap or free labor
Why is the Bantu migration important in the study of Africa? The Bantu spread their knowledge of agriculture, metalworking, and their language across central and southern Africa.
What event led to the election of Southew Africa's first black president? F.W de Klerk ended apartheid and released Nelson Mandela from prison.
What led to the development of the Swahili language and ethnic group? Years of contact between Arab traders and East African Bantus
What political party did Nelson Mandela belong to? African National Congress
Why was the African National Congress created? To work for equality for all people of South Africa
Why did large numbers of Europeans settle in the highlands of Kenya? The climate was similar to what they were used to at home.
How did the U.S. and other countries help convince the South African government to end apartheid? They applied pressure through the use of economic sanctions.
What was the purpose of the Pan-African movement? To get Africans to think of themselves as one people and to work together.
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