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drug namegeneric nameuseside effectsdosageroute
benadryl diphenhydramine antihistamine drowsiness excitability 25mg 50mg IM
epinephrine EPI treatment for anaphylaxis palpation tachycardia nausea vomiting 1mg INJ
tetanus & diptheria TD(refridgerated) booster against TD pain redness swelling fever HA 0.5ml IM(deltoid)
nitorglycirin nitro acute releif of angina attack HA vertigo syncope flushing weakness 0.4mg sublingual
lidocaine local anethetic dizziness drowsiness blurred vision 1% 2% INJ
albuterol relief of broncho spasms asthma bronchitis tachycardia nausea increased BP dizziness 2.5/3ml inhalation
atrovent ipatropium bronchodialator HA nervousness nausea dry mouth 0.5mg inhalation
soulmedrol methylprednisolone steroid responsive disorder increased suseptibility to infection 40mg 125mg IM
viscous lidocaine numbing agent dizziness emesis blurred vision confusion 2% topical 5cc mixed 4oz water topical or for sore throat
depomedrol methylprednislone Anti-inflammatory HTN sweating muscle weakness 20mg 40mg 80mg IM
phenegren promethazine Anti emetic drowsiness dizziness blurred vission nausea 12.5mg 25mg 50mg IM
rocephlin ceftriaxone antibiotic injection site reaction diarrhea 250mg 500mg 1g IM
toradol ketoralac analgesic nausea diarrhea HA edema drowsiness 30mg 60mg IM
Created by: sashapalmer15