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Stack #174411

Ultrasound-Bon #174411

Indications for US Low Intensity/Pulsed:acute and subacute inflammation High Intensity/continuous: spasms,fibrosis, adhesions,unresolved hemotoma Soft tissue shortening neuroma warts Chronic Inflammation
Precautions for US (7) Burns-maintain consistant energy transferKeep transducer moving / Even Contact 2)Remove air bubbles 3)Keep off bony prominences 4)wounds 5)implants 6)avoid cracking crystal 7)Epiphyseal plates in children 8)Pain caused by US
Contraindications for US (16) Carotid Sinus Infection Testes/Ovaries Decreased Arterial Circulation Spine Thrombus Radiation Tx Site Acute Inflammation Pregnancy PacemakerEyes Decreased Sensation CA Active Bleeding TB
What is US? Sound waves with High frequency and low intensity which creates deep heat within the soft tissues (causes vibration of molecules)
What is the US frequency when you get audible sound waves? approximate frequency is 20-20,000 Hz- mega Hertz or million Hertz(cycles/sec)
US Intensity Stength of sound waves at a given location in the tissues being treated (w/cm2)Normal range = 0.5 - 2.0 w/cm2
Uses of US 1) Diagnostic imaging = pregnancy 2) therapeutic tissue healing 3) tissue destruction (collagen cross links-contusion
Above what intensity causes tissue death? 2.0 w/cm2
Therapeutic ultrasound wave frequencies are in what range? 1-3 MHz
1 MHz are more effective in treating deep/superficial tissues deep
3 MHz are more effective in treating deep/superficial tissues superficial
Tissue penetration is best in what 2 things 1)adipose 2)MM
Tissue penetration is poor in what? bones
What is the normal range for intensity for US? 0.5 - 2.0 w/cm2
What are the 2 indications for low intensity US? 1)acute and subacute inflammation 2)speeds up healing process
You should use pulsed/continuous for low intensity US. pulsed
What are the 5 indications for High Intensity US? 1)spasms 2)fibrosis 3)adhesions 4)pain 5)unresolved hematoma
Name the 5 physiological effects of US. Thermal Heat continuous after 5 min Periosteal pain-deep burning/aching Decreased pain perception 4)Increases: Metabolic rate circulation Immune responseExtensi of soft tissue tissue repair macrophage act fibroblast cell growth
Created by: Bonnie05