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what are sequestering agents? chelates, added to soften water
what are the two developing agents? phenidone and hydroquinone
is phenidone quick or slow acting? quick acting
does hydroquinone produce black tones or shades of gray? black tones ( high contrast) slowly
what is the purpose of buffering agents? to maintain pH of solution, sodium carbonate
what is potassium bromide? a restrainer, anti foggant
what does a preservative do? reduces oxidation and maintains balance among developing agents.
name two preservatives sodium sulfite or potassium sulfite
what is glutaraldehyde? a hardener that prevents excessive swelling of film emulsion so it can be transported easily thru the rollers
purpose of replenisher to maintain consistent developer and fixer solution activity-has a higher pH than working developing solution.
purpose of starter solution acidic restrainer, needed after cleaning and fresh developer replenisher is added.reduces pH to normal
what are the factors affecting development? time, temp, and fresh chemistry ( pH)
What will a slight increase in temperature cause? increased density, slight in crease in chemical fog, increase in contrast
What will a severe rise in temp cause? gross increase density, unacceptable increase in chemical fog, and decreased contrast
If the temperature is not corrected, what happens to the developer? the developer becomes exhausted and results in decreased density and low contrast
what is the function of the Fixer? to stop any further development.
What is the name of the fixing agent? Ammonium thiosulfate ( removes undeveloped silver halide)
What does activator do? stops dichroic fog by stopping developer action
what hardens emulsion to limit H2O uptake? potassium alum
what is sodium acetate? a buffer that controls pH
How long is fixing time? approx 15 seconds
What is the function of washing? to remove silver complexes and ammonium halides so film does not turn yellow brown
what occurs due to inadequate washing hypo retention
What factors affect drying time squeegee rollers, air humidity,air temp,air circulation
types of rollers entry rollers,guide plates, turn round rollers at bottom,crossover rollers b/t racks at top, squeegee rollers b/t tanks
how long is the processing time 90 seconds ( 26s, dev.,15s fix, 15s wash, 24s dry., 10s travel )
the principle contributor to adequate agitation of developer and fixer is ? recirculation system
how is the developer cooled? piping routed thru bottom of cold water cools the developer
if developer replenishment rate is increased, what happens to image? slight increase in contrast
if replenishment rate is decreased what happens to image? significant decrease in contrast
why is silver recovery important? anti pollution
what should be done for monthly maintenance? drain and clean tanks, refill with fresh chemistry, close drain vavles, turn main power off
Created by: MLENNOX