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chapter 15

chapter 15 Community Pharmacy

almost 2/3 of all prescription drugs are dispensed by Community Pharmacies
How many approx. community pharmacies in the US 60,000
4 settings where pharmacies can be found Independent pharmacies, Chain pharmacies, Mass merchandiser pharmacies, food store pharmacies
Independent pharmacy individually owned local pharmacy
Chain Pharmacy regional or national pharmacy chain such as rite aid or walgreens
Mass merchandiser pharmacy regional or national mass merchandisers such as Costco, Walmart, Kmart, Target, sell mass merchandise as well as have instore pharmacy
Food store pharmacy Regional or national food stores such as Krogers, A
Interpersonal skills Skills involving relationships between two people
how are prescriptions at most pharmacies organized alpha-generic
transaction window counter areas designated for talking prescriptions and for dispensing them to patients
What does good pharmacy customer service require listening to and understanding customer requests for service and fulfilling those requests accurately or explaining to the customers satisfaction why the request cannot be serviced
interpersonal counter techniques listen carefully, making eye contact, repeat what the customer says, use positive rather than negative language to describe what you can do, call patient by name
Interpersonal phone technique use pleasant and courteous manner, state the name of the pharmacy and your name, follow standard procedure indicated for your pharmacy, referring all calls that require a pharmacists judgement to the pharmacist
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